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A small unit but a high floor can actually make a big difference!!

It is an indisputable fact that buildings in Taiwan are getting thinner and thinner. The area of ​​each unit in most new buildings nowadays is relatively small, but one advantage of these units is that the floors are high enough. The floors of some new buildings are as high as 3 meters. If you want to use a small unit as a large unit, you must make full use of the advantages of a high floor. Now let’s take a look at our case. This case is a newly completed property in Po Yue, Tai Wai. One-bedroom units with open kitchens are a typical new property layout. We built a multi-purpose loft in the living room for the owner. This loft combines the master bed, TV cabinet, storage cabinets and shelves.

We tailor-made the height of the lower floor for the owner. For a 3-meter-high floor, leaving 1 meter above and 2 meters below is just right. It will not hit your head, and it is very convenient to enter and exit the terrace. At the same time, the placement of our multi-purpose loft has been carefully considered, successfully avoiding structures such as split air conditioners and arrays in the living room without affecting the access. The upper floor is actually a 5-foot large double bed. The hoardings are also designed with strips in order to increase the light transmittance inside the house. The enclosure structure is also movable. Even if the mattress needs to be replaced later, the enclosure can be easily removed by removing a few screws. On the lower floor, the design is more thoughtful. We integrated the TV cabinet and the stair cabinet for the attic at the same time to form a flat surface, so that the TV can be hung directly on the wooden board of the stair cabinet without drilling into the wall. In the lower part of the TV, we made several open shelves for placing TV set-top boxes. We also made a horizontal bracket on the top of the sofa, which can be used to place small accessories. In order to increase the light on the lower level, we added several spotlights in the baseboard of the attic to supplement the lighting in the living room. We also added a movable curtain rod for the owner near the window of the attic. The stair cabinet also has a large storage capacity, because each step of the stairs is a storage space, and each level is a cabinet bucket that can be pulled out directly for storage.

A seemingly simple loft actually combines different functions. So owners of small units don’t have to worry anymore, contact us immediately to build a multi-purpose loft at home~!


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