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卡通組合床 卡通組合床 卡通床 卡通床 卡通床 卡通床

Playable and drawable cartoon bed

If you want to give your children a fun childhood, a different children’s bed may be able to help you. A children’s bed will accompany your children as they grow. Children need different things at different stages of growth. When they are young, they may need a space where they can freely draw and create. When they are older, they need different types of reading materials to absorb knowledge.

Here let us introduce a cartoon bed that we customized for our customers; this bed can meet the needs of children at different growth stages at once.

In the design, we used colorful colors to bring endless visual stimulation to the children and explore the possibilities of different color combinations. The featured window frame on the upper bunk allows children to explore their surroundings while in bed. A stair cabinet was made to assist in climbing to the upper bunk. The stair cabinet not only provides a safe way for children to go to bed, but also provides an independent storage space for parents to easily classify different clothing. On the side of the bed, you can see a seemingly gray wooden board, but it is actually a blackboard for children to draw and create, or for parents to note notes. The structure on the left side of the blackboard seems more complicated, but it is actually just a movable structure in tandem. The front is a white wooden board that can be moved left and right, while the back is a movable bookshelf that can be used to place reading materials. Boards and bookshelves can be moved left and right to cover the innermost storage space. Combining the above elements, a playable and drawable cartoon bed was born.

If you are also interested in customizing a unique cartoon bed for your child, you are welcome to contact our designers.





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