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Full floor or half floor?

For units with a narrow bedroom space, every inch and every foot is precious, and it is best not to waste any space. Therefore, some people will choose to design a full floor. In terms of visual effects, the full-floor design can make the bedroom space more consistent in style, provide more storage locations, and make the space look more spacious. However, the disadvantage of the full-floor design is that the height of the bed is relatively short, which puts a greater burden on the knee joints when getting up.

If you want to retain a little flexibility and change, you can choose to use a half-platform design and only set the platform in part of the location. For example, in the bedroom in the case, only the floor is built in the bed part, and the original floor is kept near the door and wardrobe. This can clearly divide the two spaces, and there is no need to worry about the oppressive feeling of the floor as soon as the door is opened. . The half-floor design is visually more varied and stylish than the full-floor design, so you don’t have to worry about the entire space being the same.

半地台睡房, 地台床連衣櫃設計, 半地台設計在視覺上比全地台設計更有變化和設計感,可以明確劃分兩個空間之餘,不用擔心整個空間都一式一樣
Half-floor bedroom, floor-bed and wardrobe design. The half-floor design is visually more varied and more stylish than the full-floor design. It can clearly divide the two spaces without worrying about the entire space being the same.
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Don’t forget the window sill, it can provide an extra leisure space

Many units have window sills. Don’t think that if you build a platform bed next to the window sill, the window sill will be useless. In fact, as long as you place a thick cushion and pillow on the window sill of the bedroom, it can not only provide the bedroom with an extra leisure space for reading and relaxing, but also put a pet bed and turn it into a comfortable home for pets at home. They all sleep well.

別把睡房裡的窗台遺忘, 窗台可以提供多一個休閒空間
Don’t forget the window sill in the bedroom, it can provide an extra leisure space
半地台睡房, 地台床連衣櫃設計, 別把窗台遺忘, 窗台可以提供多一個休閒空間
Half-floor bedroom, floor bed and wardrobe design, don’t forget the window sill, the window sill can provide an extra leisure space

Mixed board wardrobe doors transform into alternative feature walls

If you want to inject design features into a plain bedroom, but don’t have enough wall space to build a feature wall, you can consider starting with the wardrobe, which is indispensable in the bedroom. The tall wardrobe itself is an alternative feature wall, mixing Wardrobe doors made of boards and trim strips with different textures have added a lot of color to the bedroom. For example, the wardrobe sliding door in our case uses three colors, a mix of wood grain and solid colors, and is matched with simple silver trim strips. , adding a lively atmosphere to the bedroom.

半地台睡房, 地台床連衣櫃設計, 混合板材令衣櫃門化身另類特色牆
Half-floor bedroom, floor bed and wardrobe design, mixed panels turn the wardrobe door into an alternative feature wall

If you also want to order a bed with wardrobe similar to the half-floor design, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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