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Although furniture buildings in mainland China are getting taller and thinner, most of them are high to the bottom. If you want more rest or storage space, you must use furniture to create a loft, turning the original 200-square-foot unit into a 400-square-foot unit.

This time Good Furniture will take a look at this furniture case with you. We used furniture to build a large loft for our guests in the middle of the living room. This loft can be transformed into a sleeping space at any time. It can accommodate a 5-foot double bed, turning one room into two rooms. If friends or grandma come home, , entertaining them for the night won’t be a problem.


After putting away the mattress, it becomes a space to play Switch with friends. Place some tatami mats and roll around on them.

The fence in the attic actually has a great function. It is both a fence and a workbench. It sits next to the attic. If you put your laptop on the fence, it can become a large workbench for two people. It turns out that a loft can have so many functions.

Want storage space? No problem! We made a large wardrobe tailor-made for the guests on the lower floor, and the wardrobe door uses an ultra-high-definition crystal mirror, which greatly increases the sense of space on the lower floor. Even if you stand on the lower floor, you won’t feel oppressed because you are surrounded by lofts and other furniture.

In order to further reduce the sense of oppression in the attic, we helped the guests build a large glass window in the attic facing the main door corridor. This not only protects the attic, but also greatly increases the light transmittance of the attic and the entire house.面向大門那邊我們做了有框的清玻璃,可以增加上層的透光度。
The attic staircase is of course also a carefully designed piece of furniture for us. The stairs are perfectly integrated with the TV cabinet in front of the window sill to create a super huge storage space. There are two coffee tables of different heights stored in the TV cabinet. This coffee table is both a table and a step. If there are elderly people, children or small animals at home, this small coffee table transformed into a step can be of great use.

The height of the TV cabinet is also carefully considered. You can see that we have left a hole in the TV cabinet near the window sill. This hole is actually a desk. This makes it possible to work easily on the lower level without having to climb up to the attic.





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Loft Bed With Wardrobe

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