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Integration of life and guest functions

Although there are many restaurants, shopping malls and cinemas in Hong Kong, it is very convenient to find a place to gather with family and friends, but more and more people like to entertain friends at home, where they can be more relaxed and have fun. The open living room integrates the needs of daily life and leisure, and the spacious tatami design also meets the function of receiving guests. With dual considerations, I believe it will be the design trend in the next few years.

The floor design divides the living room into different parts functionally, but the visual effect does not compress the space. It still retains an open view and provides ample storage space.

客廳儲物櫃/電視櫃/鞋櫃/飾櫃連地台, 將生活與會客功能整合
Living room storage cabinet/TV cabinet/shoe cabinet/decoration cabinet connected to the floor, integrating living and guest functions

Diverse utilization of small space

One room with multiple uses is very common in Hong Kong’s living environment. In addition to the functions of leisure and entertaining friends mentioned above, the living room may sometimes need to be transformed into a bedroom or even a children’s playroom. As long as you add a headboard with soft upholstery when ordering the floor, you will see It can be used as a place to lean against when using the TV, as a headboard when used as a guest room, and as a protective function when used as a playroom for children.

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The geometric beauty of large modular cabinets

Simple life is the lifestyle most advocated by modern people. It does not advocate complicated and gorgeous things and does not require excessive decoration, but pays attention to the structural texture of dots, lines and surfaces. The large combination cabinets and TV cabinets in the living room can very well show the beauty of points, lines and surfaces – the surface is the texture and color of the board, the lines are the intervals between the cabinet doors or the distribution of the shelves, and the decorative strips, and the points are the darkness of the cabinet doors. Pull out the handle.

Cabinets of different sizes on the combination cabinet have different storage and display functions, and can also be combined to form a wall full of geometric beauty, meeting both storage and aesthetic requirements.

You can also add glass cabinets and light strips to match your personal belongings display needs, making your collection the highlight of the cabinet.

客廳儲物櫃/電視櫃/鞋櫃/飾櫃連地台, 大型組合櫃的幾何美感
Living room storage cabinet/TV cabinet/shoe cabinet/decorative cabinet with floor, geometric beauty of large modular cabinet

Simple and energetic color matching

Elegant and pleasant natural colors such as wood and off-white are basically classic designs that will never go out of fashion. Natural colors are also very suitable for the small living environment in Hong Kong. The home is filled with a natural and comfortable atmosphere, which helps to relax and make people feel comfortable. The sense of space is doubled.

客廳儲物櫃/電視櫃/鞋櫃/飾櫃連地台, 自然色調很適合香港細小的居住環境,家裡洋溢著自然舒服的氣息,有助放鬆心情,並且令空間感倍增
Living room storage cabinet/TV cabinet/shoe cabinet/decoration cabinet with floor, natural tones are very suitable for the small living environment in Hong Kong. The home is filled with a natural and comfortable atmosphere, which helps to relax and double the sense of space.


The fresh trend of plants has been around for a long time. Nordic-style plants with easy care and clear lines, such as bird of paradise, fiddleleaf fig, turtle lily and sansevieria, as well as mini and cute succulents, have become very popular in recent years. They simply set off the white color. Walls and wood grain furniture can already make a space feel lively and natural.

Bevel design reduces the pressure of height cabinets

Large modular cabinets tend to give people a sense of oppression. The design of the beveled cabinets enhances the three-dimensionality and hierarchy of the entire space and makes the movement lines smoother.

If your living room is diamond-shaped or irregularly shaped, using bevel cabinets can help straighten the lines of the space, making the space larger and more practical!

客廳儲物櫃/電視櫃/鞋櫃/飾櫃連地台, 斜角設計減高身櫃壓迫感
Living room storage cabinet/TV cabinet/shoe cabinet/decoration cabinet connected to the floor, bevel design reduces the pressure of the height cabinet

If you also want to have a modern living room, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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