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The ancients said: Women like their appearance to please themselves. Women always like to dress themselves up beautifully! Many girls will give up the makeup table and do their makeup in the bathroom because the space in the bedroom is too small. However, this is by no means a wise choice. After all, a comfortable makeup table is the key to a delicate makeup, and delicate makeup is It’s one of the most important elements to make you feel happy throughout the day, so don’t give up on your dressing table just because your bedroom is too small.

Makeup table combined with wardrobe design without wasting any space

When you want to plan a dressing table in the bedroom, you might as well combine it with the wardrobe design, because the dressing table not only has the main function of organizing appearance, but is also very important for girls to wear shirts when going out. For example, in this case, we placed the dressing table between the wardrobe and the tatami. The wardrobe door is designed with a large sliding door. Even if a small part of the dressing table and wall cabinet overlaps with the sliding door, it will not have much impact. Guests use the wardrobe, because after pushing the sliding door there is still a very large space for guests to take and store clothes.


Bedroom tatami, dressing table and wardrobe, combined design can save space

In addition, you can also consider making space in a corner of the wardrobe to turn into a dressing table, or embedding it in the middle, which can not only fulfill the function of the dressing table, but also reduce the dull and oppressive visual experience caused by a large wardrobe.


Dressing table combined with wardrobe design

Storable wall cabinet solves the problem of cosmetic clutter

Cosmetics and skin care products are inevitably a pile of bottles and cans. If you want to make the room more tidy, there is nothing wrong with choosing a thin wall cabinet with storage function! You can put messy cosmetics in the cabinet and take them out from the wall cabinet when you need them, so you don’t have to worry about not finding what you want to use. When all the bottles and cans can be properly placed in the wall cabinets, the free dressing table can also be used as a desk and office desk, making good use of the space.

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One table with multiple functions. The dressing table can double as a bedside table.

When the bedroom area is small, you can consider abandoning the bedside table and using a headboard with cushions to create more space for the bed. At this time, the dressing table can also play the role of “one table with multiple functions” and function as a bedside table.


The tatami in the bedroom is equipped with a dressing table and a wardrobe. The dressing table can double as a bedside table.

Don’t ignore the importance of bedside cushions, especially for small rooms. Bedside cushions not only have the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture-proof, and anti-collision, but the soft material can soften the atmosphere of the overall space and enhance the three-dimensional sense. Different colors can express personal style and become an important decoration in the bedroom. Hollight has a variety of bedside cushions that guests can customize according to their room style.

If you also want to customize the tatami, dressing table and wardrobe, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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