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A bed may last more than ten years, so good design is indispensable. Let’s take a look at the key points of loft bed design below and learn how to customize a loft bed that you won’t regret buying!

Carefully design the direction of opening cabinet doors

Arranging a wardrobe at the end of the bed can use up the long side of the room and hide the beams.

The wardrobe door facing the door can be opened in the passage to hang and place clothes, which is very convenient for taking clothes before taking a shower or changing clothes when going out.

If the wardrobe is too deep, you can only hang one row of clothes, which wastes the space inside. And the folded clothes are difficult to access if they are placed too far inside. Therefore, the depth of the wardrobe is best to be half the width of the loft bed, leaving the rest The space can be made into a storage space at the end of the bed with a cabinet door opened at the end of the bed. In this way, both the upper and lower beds can have independent storage cabinets/bedside cabinets.

As for the way to deal with the above-stored lockers, you can customize the spacing and door opening direction of the lockers according to the position and width of the beams.


Loft bed design you won’t regret

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The beveled handle of the bottom drawer of the lower bunk bed

Generally speaking, there will be drawers under the lower bunk bed to increase the storage space. To avoid tripping when climbing up the bed, drawers usually have hidden handles or beveled handles, and the beveled handles are divided into designs above or below the drawer. .

If the beveled handle is above the drawer, it will be easier to open and close, but it will also easily accumulate dust; if the beveled handle is below the drawer, although it will not accumulate dust, it will make the drawer feel a little suspended, making the entire loft bed feel a bit light.


Loft bed design you won’t regret

Equipped with shelves, drawers and clothes rails

It is recommended to fold and store T-shirts, sweaters, linen clothes, cotton-padded clothes and other clothes that are not easy to wrinkle. Dresses, leather jackets, coats, and shirts must be hung to prevent them from getting creased. It is best to store small items such as underwear and socks. Baskets are stored or placed in drawers, so a good wardrobe design must include different types of accessories, such as shelves, drawers and hanging wardrobes. In addition, you can also add small storage baskets or boxes for use.


Loft bed design you won’t regret

Fence with hollow and rounded corners

The railing is a very important part of the loft bed because it plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the top bunk user. In order to reduce the cost of ready-made loft beds in some large furniture stores, the fence on the upper bunk may be a fully sealed piece instead of a rounded-corner design. This design can minimize the meticulous workmanship and thus sell cheaper, but from the use From the perspective of the user, a fully sealed fence would be very cramped and oppressive, and the square-corner design would pose a risk of injury.

A customized loft bed can help you make the upper bunk have a fence with hollow and rounded corners, which is ventilated and breathable. The rounded corners are also designed for peace of mind and safety.

不會後悔的碌架床設計Loft bed design you won’t regret

E1 low formaldehyde plywood

Beds are the furniture closest to us, and we spend a very long time in beds, so the quality of the boards is inseparable from our health.

Our customized furniture mainly uses E1 multi-layer solid wood plywood, which is a type of raw board with ultra-low formaldehyde content and is very healthy. We also have E0 zero-formaldehyde boards available for purchase. E1 solid wood plywood is also moisture-proof, scratch-proof and insect-proof, making it very suitable for use in Taiwan’s humid environment.

If you also want to customize a loft bed that you won’t regret, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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