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Is the bedroom just a place for children to sleep? In fact, with careful design and custom-made furniture, a bedroom can satisfy a child’s three wishes of “sleeping well”, “having fun” and “dressing up beautifully”, which is also very important for their growth. of.

【1.Sleep well】

To sleep well, you must first have a comfortable bed, and secondly, a space that makes people feel safe. When designing a bed, you must consider the child’s age and body shape, as well as their daily routine. For example, a child who likes to turn around during sleep may need a wider bed, and a child who lacks a sense of security may need a taller bed. A small fence, etc., and a bed designed according to the characteristics of the child can help them sleep better.

The bed design should not be sloppy. It must be comfortable and have enough space to sleep well.

In addition, if you decorate the bedroom in a style that your children like, they will like this place, which will increase their sense of security and improve their sleep quality.

The advantage of customizing the bed is that it can be made into different shapes of beds, such as cabins, racing cars, animals, etc. The colors and boards can be freely selected, and the fences can also be designed in different hollow shapes. There is always one that will amaze the children. Can’t put it down.

Decorate your bedroom in your favorite style and your sleep quality will also improve

【2. Have fun】

The bedroom is not big, but as long as some interesting decorations are added, the children can enjoy their time playing in the bedroom. Choose to use a whole-house floor to raise the floor level to a position similar to the window sill to make the room feel more spacious. The floor provides a large amount of storage space and can also reduce the number of other cabinets in the room, leaving more space for activities. bigger. When designing the platform, you can allocate the size and direction of the floor switches according to usage habits. When the height of the platform is relatively high, you can add one or two small platform levels at the entrance, so that it will not be difficult to get on the platform.

The whole room floor raises the ground level to the same position as the window sill, making the room feel more spacious.
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If you want to have fun in the bedroom, you can consider laying floor mats or tatami mats on the floor. Running and jumping are less likely to cause injuries and can also create a warm feeling in the space. All furniture can be customized with rounded corners, which is highly secure. Parents can feel more confident about letting their children play in the bedroom. In addition, the bedroom can be transformed into more styles through soft furnishings, such as small tents, blackboards, whiteboards and lazy sofas. You can use your creativity to create different play scenes at any time and cultivate children’s imagination. Unique artistic touch.

Place a small tent on the ground to create a play space

【3. Dress up nicely】

Teaching children to organize their appearance is also a very important part of their growth. Let them organize their own clothes and dress neatly before going out. Therefore, the wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom. And as children grow up, they will need more and more space to dress up, so you might as well reserve a larger wardrobe when planning your bedroom to meet the needs of your children as they grow up.

A bedroom that can satisfy the child’s three wishes: bunk bed, floor and wardrobe

Don’t worry about children having difficulty using the tall wardrobe. Various hardware can be added to the wardrobe, such as lifting clothes rails and buffer door hinges, making it very safe for children to use. The concealed drawers and cabinet door designs can actually become part of the room decoration.

The systematic wardrobe in the bedroom can be used to dress up before going out.
The systematic wardrobe in the bedroom can be used to dress up before going out.

A bedroom that can satisfy a child’s three wishes is believed to be the wish of parents as well. Custom-made furniture can save you the time of running around looking for suitable furniture, and it can also use up all the space and unify the style of the room, and also satisfy your three wishes at once. If you want to customize similar furniture, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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