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For the petty bourgeoisie families living in Taipei, it is already very tight just to afford the cost of buying a house. They also need to improve their quality of life within a limited budget. However, if technology is advancing rapidly, as long as you spend a small amount of money to customize a very Furniture with high storage function can handle all the storage in the bedroom with one piece of furniture, saving space and being easy to use. Although customized furniture is more expensive than ready-made furniture, if a piece of customized furniture can perfectly solve your storage needs, why spend money to choose several ready-made furniture and worry about whether it does not meet your needs?

The storage bed is designed to be easily opened, making it easy to access items at any time.

Storage under the bed is nothing new. In the past, mothers-in-law always liked to put rarely used things or seasonal clothes into the storage space under the bed. However, every time they stored or retrieved things, they had to go to great lengths to remove pillows, quilts, and then It is very inconvenient to lift the mattress to open the bed board smoothly. Now you don’t have to worry about it, all you need is a storage bed.

The principle of the storage bed is to use hydraulic rods to support the weight of the bed board and mattress, and the cushioning design allows the user to raise or lower the bed board without spending too much effort. In this case, you no longer have to take away the bedding and mattress when you want to open the storage bed to retrieve things, which is much more convenient.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 半地台分開睡眠空間更舒適

Storage bed plus tatami and desk/makeup table, half tatami separates the sleeping space for more comfort

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The bedside tatami replaces the wardrobe for perfect storage

Good lighting is very important to the quality of life, and a room with windows on both sides is very valuable, so don’t waste the opportunity for natural light to shine into the room, and leave the scenery outside the window to your eyes. Don’t let the lockers block this. A beautiful scenery, let the tatami handle the storage needs for you.

Without the need for low cabinets or high cabinets, the function of the windows can be fully retained. As for the tatami next to the bed, because it is a passage itself, furniture or sundries are basically not placed on it, so it is very easy to open the tatami and take things out at any time.

If you don’t want the tatami to have handles that affect its aesthetics, you can choose a handleless design. The gaps between the tatami door panels can also be narrowed, making it impossible to guess that the tatami has hidden storage space. When you want to open and close the tatami, you only need to use a suction cup to operate it easily.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 床邊地台代替衣櫃完美收納收A bed with a tatami and a desk/makeup table. The tatami next to the bed replaces the wardrobe for perfect storage.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 床邊地台代替衣櫃完美收納

Storage bed plus tatami and desk/makeup table, bedside tatami instead of wardrobe for perfect storage

Half tatami separates sleeping space for more comfort

The half-tatami next to the bed, in addition to its storage function, is also a “soft partition” that separates the sleeping space from the bedroom activity space. This allows you to get used to working, changing clothes, cleaning and other work being done close to the bedroom entrance, reducing the need for The impact caused by the overlapping of activity areas and sleeping areas helps to improve sleep quality.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 半地台分開睡眠空間更舒適

Storage bed with tatami and desk/makeup table, half tatami separate sleeping space for more comfort

Turn your desk corner into a bedside table

In addition to the tatami and storage bed, the one-piece customized furniture also has an extended desk.

The ample desktop space can provide a working space, and can also serve as a dressing table and storage for some daily necessities. At the same time, it can be connected to the corner of the bedroom and can be used as a bedside table. There is a place to place your belongings before going to bed without getting out of bed.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 一張油壓床包辦睡房所有收納

Storage bed plus tatami and desk/makeup table, one storage bed takes care of all the storage in the bedroom

The curved design of the corner position prevents the desk from blocking the passage

There is a bathroom attached to the bedroom, and the bathroom door is just diagonally opposite the corner of the desk. In addition, that is the only passageway into the bedroom from outside the room. Therefore, if the desk is designed at a right angle, the sharp corners will easily collide, and the passage will appear crowded. The large arc design at the corner of the desk can greatly increase the sense of space and prevent collisions when walking around.

油壓床連地台及書枱/梳妝枱, 轉角位置弧形設計, 書枱不阻通道

Storage bed plus tatami and desk/makeup table, curved design at the corner, desk does not block the passage

If you also want to customize a storage bed, tatami mat and desk for your bedroom that can provide storage for the whole room, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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