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“Why does Shi Ya need to be big?” You only need to have a good desk. Each corner in your home can become your study and enjoy the fun of reading.

How big is the desk?

A single -person category, the size of the panel is generally 130 cm wide 60 cm deep. In addition, when designing the countertop, you must consider whether the platform can meet the different needs of the future. For example, will there be no sufficient writing plane after placing the computer? The extended countertop can solve this need.

一張客廳和睡房都適合的書枱, 可延伸的枱面可解決不同的需要
A platform that is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, the extended countertop can solve different needs

Do not use the cabinet to fill the space under the desk

It is important to work and study on the platform for a long time. The correct sitting position and comfortable sitting are very important, so do not use the space under the table for the storage of the storage. Be sure to keep the space placed on your feet. Only to study and effectively learn.

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Move the storage space upwards

I just mentioned the space below the platform, so the storage space of the bookcase will be concentrated on the desk. The position of the myopia line can be storage with an open layer. It is easy to get items or books. The high locker can choose a hidden storage with the cabinet door, so that the entire space will not appear messy.

一張客廳和睡房都適合的書枱, 將儲物空間向上移
A platform that is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, move the storage space upwards

How to choose the texture of the platform?

1. Glass

The glass desk is very beautiful and gives a high -end fashion feeling, and the glass desk has the characteristics of fire prevention, dirt resistance, wear resistance, etc., suitable for modern families and offices. However, when the summer is hot, the glass desk is easy to stick to the arm, making the arm movement less smoothly, and the touch of winter will be cold.

2. Caint

The painting desk is the most commonly used desk. This desk is bright and gloss, and the surface of the board is smooth and delicate. The appearance is in line with modern aesthetics. The color matching can be very rich and durable. However, it is difficult to repair it once it is damaged. It must be replaced as a whole.

3. solid wood

Solid wood desk wood has the characteristics of high density, good toughness, and strong strength. It cannot be said that the winter is warm in summer, but the texture is gentle and makes people feel comfortable. The solid wood desk is strong and durable, not easy to deform, smooth texture, and soft color. It feels a natural and fresh in a high -tech modern urban.

A platform that is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms

If you also want to make a platform that is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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