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A modular bed that can help you save 400,000

A room used to be able to accommodate a wardrobe but not a bed, but now it only needs to be developed through a modular bed to accommodate both the bed and the wardrobe. But not all modular beds will definitely help you save money. Only custom-made modular beds can save the most money. what is the reason?

That’s because finished modular beds (that is, modular beds that can be purchased directly from Affordable or IKEA) generally cannot use up all the space in the room. There may be free space at the head and foot of the bed. At the same time, it may be necessary to leave a corridor space in the room. If this corridor space alone is not used, it may cost 200,000 yuan. Therefore, it is necessary to customize a modular bed to make full use of these spaces.

Taking our case above as an example, we can see that in addition to a modular bed that uses up the length of the room, there is also a tatami floor bed that covers the entire room, using up all the corridor space. At the same time, a desk was also built in the corridor. The window sill space is also closely connected through storage cabinets and modular beds, so that all available space is not missed. Based on 20,000 per square foot, the fully utilized area is at least 20 square feet, which can save 400,000 in property purchase costs.

If you also want to use up the space in your room, you are welcome to ask us for more information on ordering modular beds.



Platform Bed

Loft Bed With Wardrobe


Loft bed with table


Bedroom Cabinet


Raised Platform



Bunk Bed




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