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A loft that can help you save 2 million

Nowadays, new buildings are getting higher and higher. To take advantage of the high floor, building a loft is a good choice. Building a loft can double the original space. A 100-foot loft is already worth 2 million based on current new building prices. But what is the most economical solution? One of the ways to build a loft is to burn the frame, seal the board and then apply ash and oil. However, this method is not only time-consuming, but also expensive, generally costing 70,000 to 80,000 yuan. Generally, masters will recommend this method because it requires more work and can earn more.

In fact, there is another way to build a loft. This method is not only half the price, but can also be completed in one day. It is less dusty and can be done even if someone is already living in the home. This time, Good Furniture will take a look at the attic approach in this case.

In this case, the floor of the owner’s unit is 10 feet high, so it is very suitable for a loft.

We converted the entire living room space into a loft, leaving a height of 2 meters on the lower floor. At this height, you won’t feel oppressive even when walking on the lower floors.

The attic floor slab is 10cm thick and can bear a load of up to one ton.

We also installed ultra-thin ceiling lights at the bottom of the attic floor, only 4cm thick, which are mainly used to supplement the ceiling light source.

We also made different storage cabinets on the left and right sides of the lower level of the attic. Taking the location near the gate as an example, we made a multi-functional storage cabinet. The lower layer can be used to store shoes, and the middle layer can be used to make up for the shortcomings of an open kitchen countertop with insufficient open doors, and to place commonly used kitchen appliances, such as hot water cookers or rice cookers. The upper level is used to increase the space for kitchen cabinets.

We made a TV cabinet near the terrace. This TV cabinet also contains a retractable staircase. With a slight pull, the two stairs leading up to the attic suddenly appear in front of you.

The cabinet rail guides on the first two stairs of the attic are equipped with automatic locks, so they will not slide back and forth even if you step on them. The upper level of the attic can be reached via the stairs.

The upper floor of the attic is made of Japanese muji color wood grain.

The upper floor is very spacious and can accommodate a 4-foot bed, and there is also a wall-mounted wardrobe in the attic.

All the panels near the walls are hollow to increase the light transmittance of the attic. The upper attic is also equipped with a hoarding near the stairs to prevent accidentally falling onto the stairs when walking on the upper level of the attic.

We can see that when the entire living room is turned into a loft, more furniture can be made and the space becomes more practical. If your house also has the advantage of a high floor, why not make good use of it? Our company specializes in custom-made lofts at affordable prices. We welcome you to contact our designers at any time!





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