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Tired of wood grain furniture? Yearning for a luxurious bedroom? Let us at Haolite create light luxury furniture for the entire room for you! The whole room is dominated by white. The furniture is equipped with just the right golden decorative lines and handles, and the gentleman gray wooden walls. It is a light, modern, and not old-fashioned design. You definitely deserve it. Let’s take a look at this white color scheme. A golden light luxury bedroom case, including an L-shaped bed, a double bed, a wardrobe, a stair cabinet, and a desk!



With a double bed, you can sleep better when your parents sleep with you

Designing a bedroom for two children. L-shaped beds and bunk beds are very common choices for combined beds. However, if the children are younger and the parents want them to be independent, but are worried that the children will not want to sleep by themselves at first and want their parents to accompany them, they might as well When customizing a modular bed, turn the bottom floor into a double bed, so that parents can have a comfortable bed to sleep on when they are with their children in the room, without having to squeeze into the same bed with their children. .

When the children grow up, there is no need to worry that the double bed will be useless. If relatives and friends occasionally visit to spend the night, the double bed will be very useful and can be used by guests. When children grow up, it will be convenient for them to invite their girlfriends and friends to spend the night.

A small groove is made on the top of the double bed, and the bottom plate of the double bed is equipped with 6-8 wheels for easy movement. You can easily pull out the double bed by reaching out and grabbing the groove.

A bedside table for your favorite items

Before going to bed, just getting up, or when resting in bed, some people do skin care, some people play on the phone, some people read books and listen to music, and some people light aromatherapy. No matter what kind of habit you have, a bedside table will do it. Help you complete the above sense of ritual in life. Therefore, when we designed, we specially designed bedside tables and bedside cabinets for both the upper and lower bunk beds, hoping to improve the user’s life experience before and after sleeping.

The lower bunk has two shelves and a storage cabinet. Although the space is small, because there are desks beside and at the end of the bed, there is already convenient storage space, so the bedside table does not need to be too big or deep. There is not much storage space in the upper bunk, so the bedside cabinets are specially made larger to allow the upper bunk to have its own small world. In addition to being placed in the bedside cabinet, things can also be placed directly on the top of the cabinet, such as dolls, which are neatly arranged and have a decorative effect.

No need to fight for one desk per person

If two brothers and sisters sleep in the same room and have two desks, each of them does not have to fight for one, and they will naturally have a better relationship. Considering that everyone may not use the desk for the same time and for the same purpose, the two desks are arranged in different locations. One is on the side of the bed. The stair cabinet next to it has drawers and flip-up lockers for storage. The other one is at the end of the bed, next to it. There is a bookcase area and the desk also has two drawers so that they do not interfere with each other.

The desk next to the bed can be stored using the drawers of the stairwell next to it and the flip-up storage cabinet.

The desk next to the bed can be stored using the drawers of the stairwell next to it and the flip-up storage cabinet.

If you also want to customize European/light luxury style modular beds/L-shaped beds/two-bedroom beds and bedroom furniture, please feel free to contact us.


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