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Home removal and disposal of old furniture services


Our 6 major advantages

  1. The master can be arranged to come to your door on the same day
    We have a large demolition team, so generally speaking, you only need to make an appointment with us one day in advance for door-to-door demolition and disposal of old furniture services. If you need demolition services temporarily, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We can arrange to come to your doorstep to dismantle and discard the old furniture on the same day at the earliest.
  2. Equipped with professional and complete tools
    Our demolition team is equipped with professional and complete tools, including electric saws, hammers, stylus pens, electric screwdrivers, utility knives, etc. In-wall furniture, wall cabinets, and kitchen cabinets can be easily dismantled. In addition, the masters are very familiar with the structure of the furniture. , it will naturally be more quickly and neatly dismantled.
  3. Wide range of services
    Our door-to-door removal and disposal of old furniture services cover all of Taiwan
  4. There is a special car to drop off furniture
    There are special vehicles that will dump furniture waste to government-designated collection stations to solve the problem of old furniture for you!
  5. Professional and courteous. A serious team
    Our demolition masters adhere to a professional, courteous and serious work attitude to achieve a more considerate service experience.
  6. Available to all communities
    Demolition services cover private communities, Home Ownership Scheme housing, public housing, and suburbs. Wherever you live, we will go!

Door-to-door removal and disposal of old furniture service process

Whether you are moving an old house to a new one, renovating an old house, or replacing new furniture, you may need to dismantle and clear out the old furniture, especially the built-in furniture. It is difficult to dismantle it if you do not have the tools. Many people come to us for customized furniture, but they also need to dismantle and discard old furniture, because we specially provide customers with professional one-stop door-to-door dismantling and discarding old furniture services (dismantling cabinets, dismantling beds, dismantling partition walls and discard furniture).

The services we provide can be divided into door-to-door removal and door-to-door disposal of old furniture. (1) If you only need us to remove the old furniture, there is no need to remove and discard it, or (2) you can remove the old furniture by yourself and only need us to come to your door. If you take it away or throw it away, the price will be more favorable!

Information that customers need to provide when requesting a quote

Before using our services, we need you to provide some basic information to help us quote. This information will affect the final cleanup cost. Now let us take a look at the specific process and what needs to be paid attention to.


Send us photos or videos of the furniture or debris that you need to discard and dismantle. It is best to also circle the furniture/clutter that you want to discard on the photo. This will help us understand the quantity and size of the things that need to be cleared, and it can also Specially mark the following requirements: (1) Whether the contents of the cabinet need to be removed together (2) whether other debris in the photo also needs to be removed (3) whether the bed needs to be retained. These are the things we often ask our customers. place. Door-to-door removal and disposal of old furniture services are generally calculated on a piece-by-piece basis, and prices vary, depending on the size and weight of the items and whether they need to be disassembled.

In addition, when quoting, you also need to provide the detailed address of the house and find out whether there is a collection point in the community where furniture can be discarded. You can also learn from the building management office for details. Because if the community itself has a place where furniture and debris can be collected, our masters can move the furniture and debris directly downstairs, saving the cost of going to the disposal area, and we can also provide you with a more favorable price. If there is no garbage station in the community to dispose of discarded furniture, our demolition service will drive away and will never dump it casually.

As for whether the trolley can be used the whole way from the room to the place where our chef can park, it will also affect the quotation and charges. If you can use a trolley for the whole trip, have an elevator, and don’t need to take the stairs, the price will of course be cheaper. If it is a remote area, such as an outlying island, or in the countryside or suburbs, and the distance is far away or even needs to be entered on foot, additional remote area charges will be charged. For details, please contact our customer service.

Keep an eye out for days when communities can carry out demolition work

There are also things to pay attention to when choosing a day to dismantle old furniture. It is best to avoid choosing a holiday, because if you want to throw away large furniture, a lot of noise may be produced during the dismantling process. Many communities prohibit work on holidays, and some management is more difficult. Strict communities also need to apply in advance. It is recommended to check with the management office in advance.

With the above information, we can provide you with an accurate quotation.

Understand the correct way to dispose of furniture waste

If you need to discard furniture, you can contact the cleaning team first, usually the day before, and then move the furniture to the designated location. The cleaning team will send someone to collect it in the evening. This service is usually free.

If the community itself has a furniture and debris collection station, the most direct way is of course to hand over the furniture and debris to them, but before discarding, it is recommended to contact the cleaning team first, and only move the furniture there after confirming that it can be thrown away. If furniture is littered, the Environmental Protection Agency will issue a fine of up to $6,000 under the Waste Removal Act.

Does old furniture need to be dismantled before being discarded?

If the entire piece of furniture can go directly into the elevator, it can be pushed downstairs directly on a pallet or trolley without dismantling it.





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