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Door panel replacement service

Children 👧👦 have cartoon stickers on the wardrobe door that they can’t clean out❓ The kitchen cabinet door panels have started to turn yellow and peel paint❓ The TV cabinet has been used for more than ten years and I want to change the style❓ But I have to clean it out and move it out. Doing a big renovation will make your head ache🤯🤔 Just do the math❓


Good Furniture can help you think of ways to use the lowest cost💰 and the shortest time⏰ to help the house renovate❗ #Door panel replacement is just a matter of time~🤩🤩🤩 The door panel customization price is as low as $100/square foot, and the flattest cost is only a few hundred mosquitoes You can renovate the house, but it is troublesome to wash and replace the cabinets😏😏


Haojia Furniture just launched the #doorpanel online ordering service. You only need to sit at home and adjust the door size of the #kitchen cabinet, #wardrobe, #bookcase or #TV cabinet and #storage cabinet in the living room. Online ordering on our website 😌 Delivery within 7️⃣ days at the fastest, making it easy to renovate your house🌟
Door panel replacement is one of the “light decoration” projects that has become popular in recent years. It can renovate old houses at the lowest cost and least time.


After using the kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets and large storage cabinets at home for ten or eight years, there is no problem with the structural safety, but the styles are outdated, or the paint is yellowing or peeling, and the cabinet doors are scratched and stickered by children. If there are stickers that are difficult to clean and you don’t want to carry out major renovations, you can choose to replace the door panels with new ones!


Only the old door panels are replaced, there is no need to dismantle the old cabinets or move them out. You can order new door panels online anytime and anywhere.
As soon as you receive the new door panel, you can replace it yourself, saving time and the price is much cheaper than ordering a brand new locker. The price per square foot can be as low as $100! There is no need to take special leave to wait for the master to come to install it, which is very suitable for working families!


You can refer to the following real cases to see how to give your home a completely new look by replacing it with new door panels.




GO-811黃梨橡, JW-849 天使白, GO-851科技木紋, YL-837布魯灰石, HD-870 膚感白


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