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Highlights of the house bed: slide, magnetic board

屋仔組合床看點: 天窗、雨棚、歐式窗口、花槽

Highlights of the house bed: skylights, awnings, European-style windows, planters

屋仔組合床看點: 圓邊屋頂、花槽、雨簷

Highlights of the house bed: rounded roof, planters, rain eaves

屋仔組合床看點: 變形書桌床、無框玻璃門飾物櫃

Highlights of the house bed: Transformable desk bed, frameless glass door decoration cabinet


Highlights of the house bed: glass cabinet with mirror on the back


Highlights of the house bed: Changhong glass, stair lockers, open shelves, wardrobes, cabinets, and floor spotlights


Highlights of the house bed: Changhong glass, stair lockers, open shelves, wardrobes, cabinets, and floor spotlights


Highlights of the house bed: stair cabinet pedal spotlights, pedal rounded corners, rounded corner handrails, handrail lights

屋仔組合床看點: 閣樓上層、屋仔床屋企、窗口、天窗、雪糕棍

Highlights: The upper floor of the attic, the bed room, the windows, the skylight, and the ice cream sticks

Do the furniture in your home meet the developmental needs of your children?

Children’s development is a long process, and different stages have different needs. This time we will take you through the 5 key points of children’s development needs through a modular bed/loft furniture located in our Shatin showroom.

1. Muscle development

Muscle development is a critical need for early childhood development. Our loft is designed with a slide, so that children can strengthen the muscles of the waist, neck and legs when falling off the bed, and at the same time, they can also master their balance.


2. Exploration ability

Our cartoon loft bed includes many different mechanisms, and the skylight design on the top allows children to play. Create your own private play space.

屋仔組合床看點: 天窗、雨棚、歐式窗口、花槽

3. Artistic Development

If you want children to develop artistic abilities, you must first have space/place for them to display their own creations. This loft bed integrates multiple display areas, such as the open lattice of the stair cabinet, the accessories cabinet on the deformed desk bed, and the planters on the periphery of the upper loft, etc., all of which allow children to display their favorite artworks. At the same time, the upper loft also provides enough space for children to play with their own toys. Well-known psychologists once pointed out that the process of playing with toys allows children to express their creativity and study different ways to play, which plays a key role in their future growth.

屋仔組合床看點: 閣樓上層、屋仔床屋企、窗口、天窗、雪糕棍 屋仔組合床看點:背面加了鏡的玻璃飾物櫃

4. Read and study

As children grow up, reading and studying will take up most of their daily time, so a comfortable study and reading area is extremely important. The middle of the loft in our store contains a transforming desk bed. During the day, children can review or read on the desk, and when sleeping, they can open the foldable invisible bed to sleep. When the bed is opened, the objects on the desk can be kept out of the way, saving you the trouble of picking them up. At the same time, the desk has a safety lock to prevent the bed from suddenly falling down when the desk is stressed. In addition, there is a 6X6-foot space on the upper floor of our loft, where children can study special reports with other children.

5. Storage

Multiple different storage spaces can certainly meet the storage needs of children as they grow, but more importantly, they teach children the habit of memorizing rules and tidying up. The habit of tidying up is a form of self-discipline, which can effectively control one’s laziness and is the cornerstone of future success or entrepreneurship. Our convertible bed has multiple storage spaces. Our stairwells make the most of every available space, with open shelves, wardrobes and storage bins on the lower level. At the same time, there is also an accessories cabinet high above the transformed bed, which is used to place accessories.

6. Security

Safety is the most important aspect of children’s furniture. A number of reinforced force-bearing keels are added in the middle of our attic floor slabs, which can effectively disperse the downward pressure from the upper floors. Bearing load up to 600 KG. At the same time, all our boards are made of solid wood core plywood, which can withstand better stress than fiberboard. In addition, our cartoon loft bed is not decorated with baking paint, so that the formaldehyde content of the entire furniture reaches the national E1 level to protect the brain development of children in their early years. The step treads of our stair cabinets also have rounded edges to prevent children from hitting their calves when going up and down. The upper loft is designed in the form of a baby bed, and the wrapping is wider to prevent children from falling out of the loft when climbing. At the same time, the windows on the upper floor of the attic are also equipped with locks to prevent children from accidentally opening them. There are also flower troughs outside the window to reduce the risk of children accidentally climbing out of the window. The slide in the mezzanine also adopts a “falling design” to shorten the height of the slide and reduce the speed of impact when sliding. There is also a raised fence on the left side of the slide to prevent children from accidentally tipping over while sliding. The fence on the upper level of the attic also uses an ice cream stick design to reduce the risk of injuries to children due to collision. Finally, the handrails of our stair cabinets, the entrances and exits of the attic, and the fences of the slides are all equipped with handles, which make it safer to go up and down. Even if the children go to the bathroom by themselves, it will be safer.




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