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The furniture we customized for our guests this time is quite special. It is a bedroom furniture set that mixes a tatami bed, an invisible bed and a loft bed. Normally, tatami is generally used as a bed. When you need to access things under the tatami, you lift the mattress and take out things. But this time our tatami did the opposite. It is usually used as a storage tatami, and when it is time to sleep, the folding bed on the side can be turned down. In addition to the tatami and invisible bed, we also made a top bunk, which when viewed together with the tatami, looks more like a bunk bed. Three seemingly completely different types of furniture can appear in the same room at the same time and each perform different functions. This is the power of customized system cabinets~! If you also have the need for customized deformed furniture, we welcome it You can contact our furniture sales staff at any time.





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