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If you want to have a bed in your living room, but don’t want to take up too much space, this LivoS+ convertible bed with sofa can help you. It can be folded up to transform into a sofa or opened up to transform into a bed. The space can be transformed as you like.

There are many sizes of bed boxes to choose from. Whether it is a 3-foot single bed or a 4-foot double bed, we have the goods available.

The sofa opens up to provide ample storage space. When the sofa is opened, the cushions of the sofa can be stowed away directly. Or put bed pillows in it. How you use the space is up to you.

Paired with a 15cm thick mattress, the mattress is of a moderate height so that both children and the elderly can easily climb up. There will be no difficulty in getting on and off the bed due to height issues.

When you open the transformable bed, you can see that the bed box has a cushion, making it more comfortable for you who like to rest and read in bed.

The deformation bed is protected by buffer devices throughout the entire process and is very safe when opening and closing. Guests are welcome to visit our offline stores to experience it.

The bed box is only 40cm when folded and takes up very little space. The smaller the space it takes up, the better.

It is worth noting that a 40cm bed box is only suitable for a 15cm mattress. If you want to use a thicker mattress, the bed box may need to be deepened.

Our bed boxes are available in a variety of colors. The main color is the bed box and the secondary color is the bed board. Customers can specify different primary and secondary colors when placing orders.

No matter which color you choose, we use E1 solid wood core plywood to build your bed box. The advantage of E1 board is that it has zero formaldehyde and is completely odorless after installation, ensuring the health of you and your family.

The main color is dark green and the secondary color is white.

Guests can customize a transformable bed that suits their room size according to the bed box size/mattress size they need.





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