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Transformed furniture bed and table combination-02


Transformed furniture bed and table combination-01

When we are customizing deformable beds, many businesses will provide us with renderings. Then when we see that the renderings are good, we want to customize them. But when you actually customize them, you will find that the renderings may It can’t come out, and the furniture customized by the merchant may be very different from the renderings. How about the deformed furniture bed and table combination of E1 plywood? ‍‍In fact, there are different types of boards for deformed furniture bed and table combinations. E1 plywood is currently a relatively common E1 plywood material for deformed furniture and bed table combinations. Is it good? What are the advantages of oak?

‍‍First: The overall price of oak will be relatively good.

Oak has a relatively high cost performance, so currently E1 plywood is used more often to make deformed furniture, bed and table combinations, and its overall aesthetics are also good, so at present, solid-colored oak and white oak are more common. ‍‍The solid-colored oak gives people a sense of classic elegance, while the white oak has a modern minimalist deformed furniture bed combination, so this kind of ‍‍ is very good, then it It can also be painted in other colors, such as gray, brown, etc., which can be selected according to actual needs.

Second: some other boards.

In addition to oak, there are actually some other types, such as anti-corrosion wood, and some slightly more expensive woods. The specific board we choose depends on our own needs and the need for deformed furniture and bed combinations.

If the demand for deformed furniture bed and table combinations is relatively high and people want to buy more noble deformed furniture bed and table combinations, then everyone should try to pay attention to some designs about deformed furniture bed and table combinations when choosing. You can communicate with the manufacturer more about the situation and related situations.

At present, the plates of the deformed furniture bed and table combination and its size and color can be customized in all aspects. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave us a message and we will also introduce this aspect to you. Knowledge, ‍‍In fact, there is nothing particularly complicated about the board.

Finally, the editor reminds: Sometimes when you see a rendering, the effect is very good, but after customizing the deformed bed, the color of the customized furniture is inconsistent with the color we want. We must pay attention to this large color difference. If colors appear, don’t remain silent and explain to the merchant immediately! Because when we customize, we will customize it based on the renderings. When signing the contract, we must explain how to handle it if it is inconsistent with the renderings in the future. We should clearly list the relevant situations in the contract, so that we can We guarantee that there will be no problem with the effect after we customize it. It is recommended that everyone learn about these contents.





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