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Are you still considering buying a traditional sofa bed? It’s time to change this idea! Because the folding sofa bed is a better and more suitable sofa bed choice for modern homes. Come and take a look at the five major advantages of folding sofa beds and understand its beauty.

變形沙發床, 具有沙發、睡床及儲物功能

Folding sofa bed with sofa, bed and storage functions

1. You can choose your mattress freely

Everyone has different requirements for the softness and hardness of sofas and beds. After all, sofas are for sitting, and beds are for sleeping. If the sofa is directly turned into a bed, its softness and hardness may not be the most suitable for sleeping. The transformable sofa bed can be equipped with an independent mattress. Users can freely choose the mattress they like, and it is also very convenient to replace it in the future.

2. Sofa beds can also have bedside cushions

The design of traditional sofa beds is relatively simple, and they may not be able to provide exclusive bedside cushions. They may only use the armrests or backrests of the sofa as bedside cushions. The customized folding sofa bed can be equipped with a headboard cushion on the back panel. It can be the same style as the sofa, or you can choose different colors of leather to create different combinations.

Common types of bedside cushions include ordinary type, button type, and strip type.

變形沙發床, 具有沙發、睡床及儲物功能

Folding sofa bed with sofa, bed and storage functions

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3. Equipped with mattress safety belt to ensure user safety

Folding beds may need to be opened and closed frequently, and the height of the bed when retracted vertically will be higher than the average person’s height. In addition, the mattress has a certain weight. If the mattress has a chance to tilt when the bed is retracted, it will cause It is dangerous, so Goodlight’s customized folding sofa beds will be equipped with mattress safety belts to fix the position of the mattress to prevent the mattress from shifting when opening and closing, greatly ensuring the safety of users.

The length of the safety belt can be adjusted to suit mattresses of different thicknesses, making it flexible and convenient.

變形沙發床, 具有沙發、睡床及儲物功能

Folding sofa bed with sofa, bed and storage functions

4. Create customized storage space in one go

The advantage of customizing a sofa bed is that it can also create surrounding storage spaces, such as drawers under the sofa, wall cabinets on the bed, bed shelves, bookcases, and storage cabinets on both sides, which can make the entire space more stylish. Consistent, integrated furniture will also make the space more concise.

The shelf on the bed board of the folding sofa bed can also be used as a switch handle to turn the bed down when the folding bed is turned down, while keeping the shelf level. The folding sofa bed can be easily opened and closed without taking away the things on the shelf.

變形沙發床, 具有沙發、睡床及儲物功能

Folding sofa bed with sofa, bed and storage functions

5. Folding sofa beds are higher off the ground for more comfortable sleep.

Some people think that the height of the bed should not be too short, because they think there will be a problem of moisture on the floor, and it is difficult to climb up if the bed is too short, and it is easy for the elderly to stand up, so they all hope that the height of the sofa bed should not be too short.

The height of the folding sofa bed must be above the sofa seat, and with the thickness of the mattress, it is almost the same height as an ordinary bed, so it will be more comfortable when sleeping.

變形沙發床, 具有沙發、睡床及儲物功能

Folding sofa bed with sofa, bed and storage functions

Nowadays, the technology of deformable furniture has matured. When Goodlight customizes deformable furniture for customers, it always uses a special two-way hydraulic buffer device, which can open and close freely and safely. The air pressure rod can withstand high-intensity expansion and contraction for more than 30,000 times. At the same time, it maintains silent movement and stable pressure. At the same time, our cabinet boards use special E1 environmentally friendly fine-core plywood, which has ultra-low formaldehyde to protect the health of guests. In addition, the thickness of all boards is more than 18mm, which greatly enhances the supporting capacity and allows your deformed furniture to last ten or twenty years. no problem.

If you also want to customize the folding sofa bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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