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Is there anything we should pay attention to when installing a deformable bookcase bed at home? If we install a deformed bookcase bed at home, we also need to pay attention to some basic things so that it can be installed better. So what issues do we need to pay attention to when installing a deformed bookcase bed?

First: the wall should be as flat as possible. ‍‍The cabinet of the deformed bookcase bed is installed on the wall, so the wall must be flat! The deviation range cannot exceed 20 mm, because if the product is not straight enough, the insufficient flatness will actually affect the installation effect, so you must pay attention to whether the wall is flat or straight.

Second: the wall is required to be strong and solid.

‍‍It is necessary to install a deformed bookcase bed next to a concrete brick wall. If it is hollow, ‍‍the wall is made of light steel, keel wall, or gypsum board wall, which itself is a partition wall, then it is definitely not possible to install a deformed bookcase bed. Because this kind of wall is relatively soft.

‍‍Is the price of the deformed bookcase bed more expensive than ordinary purchases? How much more expensive is it than buying ready-made furniture?

First: Customization is really expensive.

The reason why it is expensive is because the deformed bookcase bed is a bed + bookcase and is a multi-functional furniture. When customizing, it will involve more labor and more materials, so its price will be more expensive.

Second: The customization process is more complicated. The editor here reminds everyone that although the customization of deformed bookcase beds is very good, we must also pay attention to its price. It is indeed relatively expensive. Generally speaking, we now customize deformed bookcase beds. Its price may be more than 50% more expensive than buying it ready-made. However, sometimes buying ready-made furniture may not necessarily be cheaper. This is mainly because there are many furniture brands now. Some brands of furniture are indeed more expensive, and the prices of ready-made furniture are also unacceptably expensive. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about the customization of deformed bookcase beds being more expensive than ordinary purchases.

If we are going to customize the deformed bookcase bed, we will also find that it may take a long time from the merchant to give us the renderings from the beginning, to the relevant size measurements, and to the final successful customization, so everyone should stay calm.

During this process, we must constantly keep abreast of the merchant’s customization of deformed bookcase beds. If we find that the merchant’s situation is not particularly good, we must also point it out in time.

The key is to find a good business. A good business can help us notice many things in advance and help us solve many problems. So for everyone, if you are planning to customize a deformed bookcase bed, you must do it before Find a good merchant.

I would like to remind everyone that there are different merchants for customizing deformed bookcase beds. When choosing merchants, we try to choose high-quality, reliable and large-scale merchants. At the same time, we must also understand the merchant’s situation. Search online to see if this merchant has some Negative information, if a merchant has too much negative information online, it may not be particularly trustworthy, so you need to find out these things in advance.





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