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Nowadays, everyone’s material living conditions are getting better and better, and they are paying more and more attention to the quality of life, hoping to create a comfortable living environment for themselves. If there are children at home who study, they must have a desk. If the space in the child’s room is limited, you can try a convertible bed with a desk. The transformable bed and desk can create a better reading environment for children.

‍‍What sizes are available for the deformed furniture bed and table combination? In fact, the sizes are quite diverse. The more common specifications are 1670×350×2200‍‍cm and 1080×350×2200CM.

There are really many different sizes and types, and they can even be customized according to your requirements. In addition, in the actual application process, it is actually very flexible, so basically you don’t need to worry too much.

When it comes to customizing transformable beds and desks, many people think it is very simple. actually not! If the transformable bed and desk are customized for children, you must pay attention to safety and see if the materials used are environmentally friendly and whether the manufacturer can provide formal test reports. Movable furniture needs to be treated with caution. It requires constant communication between the designer and the consumer, the first draft of the design, and then continuous modification and final shaping.

1. Remember not to be a hands-off shopkeeper.

Many consumers completely delegate their power to designers after telling manufacturers their needs. There will be specialized personnel who will work out a good plan for you and also customize it according to the actual situation of your home. Some of them can also come directly to your home to measure the dimensions, so in general it is not difficult. However, the customization of the transformable bed and desk is a systematic work, which requires us to supervise the work. We should follow up the progress of the customization of the transformable bed and desk in a timely manner, and we cannot be a hands-off shopkeeper.

2. Don’t be unrealistic and add more functions.

Many consumers cannot stand the deception of customization consultants for transformable beds and desks, and add many unnecessary functions. When customizing a transformable bed and desk, it is important to clearly understand the function of the furniture and who will use it.

Generally speaking, customization of deformed beds and desks requires design and production, and the cost is higher than that of finished furniture. Of course, the price is high and the experience is high. Customized transformable beds and desks can be designed completely according to your own wishes, and both styles and materials can be personalized.

When buying furniture, you must act within your capabilities. When purchasing a transformable bed with desk, you should also ask the manufacturer in detail whether it provides after-sales service. Because good manufacturers provide after-sales service. If you use a transformable bed with desk in the future, If any problems arise during the process, the manufacturer will solve them promptly. If the manufacturer does not even provide basic after-sales service, it means that the manufacturer may not be particularly good.





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