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Nowadays, many people like transformable furniture when decorating their own units, thinking that only customized transformable furniture can be used comfortably. Transformable furniture does have many benefits, but there are certain pitfalls that everyone needs to avoid when customizing transformable furniture.

When transforming furniture, you must avoid the pitfalls of product quality problems. If the quality of the transforming furniture is not good, the custom-made transforming furniture will be uncomfortable to use. It is best for everyone to check first to see if there are problems such as excessive formaldehyde in the deformed furniture, and to see if there are problems with the quality of the deformed furniture.

Secondly, when deforming furniture, it is best to sign a contract with the manufacturer and ask it to issue a receipt for you, so as to avoid some disputes. If you need to pay a deposit, it is best to ask whether the deposit can be refunded once paid. Asking these questions clearly can avoid some financial disputes. In short, you must think it over carefully.

‍‍Will there be loosening during the actual application of deformed furniture? What should I do if it becomes loose? ‍‍Transformable furniture is actually very convenient in the daily application process, but sometimes some undesirable situations may occur due to a long time or improper daily operation, such as looseness. If there is any looseness, What should be done?

‍‍If there is looseness, you can simply tighten the connection. If it is still very loose after you come in, you can call the installation company, and the company will tell you how to solve it.

If the looseness is serious, the installation company will come to your door to perform after-sales work, so there is no need to worry.

Generally speaking, deformed furniture is very popular. However, we are all laymen and do not know much about deformed furniture. We don’t know how to identify the quality of deformed furniture? You must first learn to identify the quality of deformed furniture before you can know whether you have customized deformed furniture to your satisfaction.

In everyone’s opinion, customized deformed furniture must be good. This is actually a wrong idea. Deformed furniture may also have inferior quality products. When ordering deformed furniture, it is best to look at the materials used. If the materials used are better, the quality of the deformed furniture will be guaranteed. You can also look at the workmanship. If the workmanship is fine, the quality will be better. You must learn to identify the quality of deformed furniture, so that you can order good quality deformed furniture and make your stay more comfortable.





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