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Many consumers will refer to the furniture displayed in furniture stores when customizing transformable beds. This is actually unscientific. The colors and lighting of the furniture in the furniture shop are carefully designed, which is obviously different from our daily life environment. Don’t be misled by furniture store furniture and ignore the actual environment of your home. The transformable bed with dining table is more special than the ordinary transformable bed, because the dining table must be easy to move, and at the same time it must be convenient and safe for daily use. Today I will briefly introduce to you some key parts that you must understand when installing the transformable bed with dining table.

First: How about the edge sealing process?

Is the cover craftsmanship good? It will have a great impact on future use. If it is not done well, there will be a lot of burrs, which may cause unnecessary harm to the human body during application. A good deformable bed and even a dining table are The edge sealing process can ensure safe use on the one hand, and it can also play a waterproof role on the other hand. For a relatively humid environment in the home, we must pay attention to the edge sealing process.

Second: How about looking at the safety lock catch?

‍‍Good transforming beds and even dining tables use special safety locks with humanized designs. This kind of lock can make the cabinet more stable and safe and more convenient in the actual application process.

Third: Buffering force reduction device.

Because the deformation bed and the dining table undergo mechanical changes during the deformation process, a good buffer and force reduction device will make it effortless for people to operate. In the process of gradually descending or rising, its speed ‍‍ can reach a more appropriate standard.

‍‍Beds with buffering and force-reducing devices are more convenient when rising or falling, and there is no abnormal sound. ‍‍This kind of deformed bed with dining table is relatively good.

‍‍Generally speaking, the customized size of the deformable bed must be measured accurately. When customizing the deformation bed, be sure to estimate the dimensions to prevent the bed from not fitting in after the customization is completed. There are still many details worth paying attention to when purchasing a convertible bed with a dining table. These details may seem simple, but in fact the issues involved are quite complex. If you don’t understand, I suggest you read them in detail and carefully. After all, these things are related to future use, and for most people, they may not have bought a transformable bed with dining table before, and know less about its related conditions, so if you have If you don’t understand anything, you can leave us a message, or call us directly. We will also give you a detailed introduction to this knowledge to help you better understand the installation of the transformable bed and dining table.


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