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Nowadays, there are different situations when buying furniture. Some are customized, and some are purchased directly off-the-shelf. Then buying a ready-made custom-made deformed bed is also a relatively common way at present. However, buying ready-made sometimes does not match the overall soft decoration of the family. It is hard-decorated, so it must be customized. Many people are not satisfied with the cookie-cutter products of furniture manufacturers and want to customize transformable beds. However, when customizing a transformable bed, you need to pay attention to the following aspects so that you can buy the furniture you want. What is the cooperation process after customizing the deformation bed? How did you work together after purchasing the transforming bed?

‍‍First: Customize according to needs.

Basically, most of the transformable beds are customized now, so if you confirm to purchase the transformable bed, the relevant personnel will first go to your home to measure the relevant dimensions. After measuring the dimensions, they will make a simple quotation and then give the relevant information. Choice, because different people have different budgets and may have different requirements for deformable beds. There may be certain differences in the board materials that can be selected within different budget ranges, so in the early stage, the main thing is to communicate this link.

Second: Make a deformation bed.

If you have determined the relevant requirements for the deformable bed in the early stage, you can start customizing it. After the customization is completed, it can be delivered to your door and installation can begin.

Third: the installation process.

After the deformation bed is customized, the company will transport it to a suitable location and then start the installation in the room. Basically, the installation is free, but some may charge a certain fee because of the distance. The specific fee still has to be paid. Depending on the relevant situation, if you want to know more about this, you can leave us a message, or directly call the number on our official website for consultation.

‍‍Nowadays, there are not just one or two merchants that customize deformable beds. Some merchants are really not that good, and the overall situation of their products is not particularly good. When installing a deformed bed, you should also look at its hardware. For example, what kind of board is used for the bed head, whether the bed part is stable, and whether the feet are straight? ‍‍And how are its hardware used? ‍‍In fact, good products currently have nothing particularly complicated in the application process and are very simple to use. However, some manufacturers may not pay special attention to it in the production process. Details may cause some problems, so we must understand these related precautions in advance before purchasing.

At the same time, you should also take a look at the specific operation methods of the deformation bed in the actual application process! Instructions for use are provided by the manufacturer. We can read the manufacturer’s instructions for use in detail. ‍





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