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Are folding beds safe? Is the folding bed easy to use? Are folding beds reliable? Do you have similar questions about transforming furniture or folding sofa beds? If so, you can take a look at our transformable sofa bed, which has six upgraded features to provide guests with the most stable and comfortable experience!

Electric deformation, labor-saving and easy to use

If you don’t want to open and close the folding sofa bed by yourself every time, or worry about not knowing how to open the folding bed when relatives and friends visit, you might as well choose an electric folding bed!

Just press the button on the remote control, and the sofa will immediately start to deform, and the bed can be turned down in less than 30 seconds.


Electric folding sofa bed

Widen the encryption skeleton to make it more stable and reliable

The bed frame is designed with double frames. There are 14 widened and encrypted frames on each side, and each frame is 12mm thick. It is thick and stable. You will not be afraid of the bed frame shaking when sleeping, and you will naturally sleep better.

電動變形直翻床/沙發床, 加寬加密的龍骨更穩固可靠

Electrically deformable folding bed/sofa bed, the widened and encrypted frame is more stable and reliable

Bookshelf serves as support and the core is more stable

The bookshelf can not only store small objects such as books or potted plants to decorate the space when the folding bed is folded, but can also become a support point for the folding bed. It has a large stress-bearing area, naturally has better load-bearing capacity, and the core is more stable.

The foldable bed does not require emptying the bookshelf when folded down, which is very convenient.

電動變形直翻床/沙發床, 書架做支撐, 受力面積大, 核心更穩重

Electrically deformable folding bed/sofa bed, supported by bookshelf, large stress-bearing area and more stable core

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Freely customized storage space to meet different needs

The storage cabinets on the left and right sides and the top of the folding bed can be freely customized. Whether it is built-in or a high cabinet, the storage partitions and open shelves that best suit the customer’s storage needs can be customized according to the on-site dimensions.

The color of each part of the folding bed and sofa can be freely chosen and matched, and the bottom of the sofa can also be made into a drawer, fully utilizing every inch of space.

電動變形直翻床/沙發床, 自由定制儲物空間, 配合不同需要

Electrically deformable folding bed/sofa bed, freely allocate storage space to meet different needs

電動變形直翻床/沙發床, 自由定制儲物空間, 配合不同需要

Electrically deformable folding bed/sofa bed, freely allocate storage space to meet different needs

Customize the bedside cushions in the same style as the sofa. Naturally, it does not violate the harmony.

When ordering a folding sofa bed, you can also order a bedside cushion, which is built directly into the headboard for easy use.

The bedside cushions are made of the same leather or fabric as the sofa, making the space feel natural and consistent.

Movable sofa backrest for two purposes

The movable sofa backrest is a comfortable backrest when placed on the sofa, and a comfortable pillow when the folding bed is turned down. It has two uses and saves the cost of purchasing pillows.

If you also want to customize a transformable sofa bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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