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According to surveys, more than 90% of households in Hong Kong need a room for dual purposes, or even a room for multiple purposes. For example, they need more activity space during the day and a comfortable bed at night, or they want to have a room when relatives and friends visit. A space for socializing, as well as a room for them to stay, etc. If you want to meet multiple uses in the same space, a transforming bed can definitely help you. What seems to be an ordinary wall or cabinet can be transformed into a comfortable bed in a few seconds. It is not difficult to use one room for multiple purposes. !

A transformable bed, also known as an invisible bed (Wall Bed), is a bed mounted on the wall. It usually looks like a wardrobe or decorative wall. When you sleep, the bed is turned down and it immediately becomes a standard bed.


Transformable rollaway bed in the bedroom

Side-turning bed VS straight-turning bed

When the side-turn bed is turned over, it is turned down from the long side of the bed. It has high stability and is usually used for single beds. The straight-turn bed is turned down from the short side of the bed when turned over, and is mostly used for double beds. You can choose the type of bed according to your personal needs.


Transformable rollaway bed in the bedroom

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Convertible bed dimensions

Generally speaking, the width and width of the deformation bed should not exceed 1500mm, and the height should be between 1800 and 1900mm. This is very helpful for the “deformation” process of unfolding and folding. If the size of the bed is too large, it will be difficult to use when using it. There will be a certain degree of difficulty and it will also affect the stability of the deformation bed.

For roll-over beds, it is recommended that the size of a roll-over single bed should not exceed 1500mm wide and 2100mm long; while the size of a roll-over double bed should not exceed 1800mm wide and 2300mm long.

Are transforming beds safe?

The deformed beds customized by Good Furniture always use a frame with a design like a wooden keel, which greatly improves the support capacity of the deformed bed. It will not be a problem after ten or eight years of use. In addition, the bed frame is equipped with safety ropes to fix the position of the mattress to ensure safety when unfolding and folding the transformable bed.

Where is the best place to use a convertible bed?

Living room – It can be used as a storage cabinet at ordinary times. When guests come to visit, the roll-away bed can be easily pulled out to provide a place for guests to rest.

Study room – If you work in the study room until late at night, you are worried that going to the bedroom will affect your partner’s rest. You can order a transformable bed and bookcase in the study room, which can not only have enough space to store books, but also can be transformed into a temporary rest room. .

Bedroom – When children are not used to sleeping in separate rooms with their parents, if there is a convertible bed in the child’s bedroom, it is very convenient for parents to sleep with them when needed. It can be put away on weekdays without occupying the child’s space in the room. Activity space.


Storage cabinet above the convertible rollover bed

Things to pay attention to when installing a deformation bed

The bed frame and cabinet of the deformed bed need to be installed on a solid wall and cannot be installed on an unstressed partition wall. Therefore, when considering the location of the deformed bed, the wall against which it is backed must be considered.

In fact, in addition to transformable beds, various transformable furniture can help you make good use of space and flexibly allocate space uses! If you need custom-made transformable furniture for your home, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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