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In fact, many people think that having a large space is a very luxurious thing, but in fact, as long as you have wonderful ideas, you can still make your home have the happiness of a large room. When the space at home is not enough to put a bookcase , using a transformable bed with a bookcase can help you solve the problem of space utilization, create a larger space for your home, and allow you to live freely at home. At the same time, your life will no longer be troubled by the size of the room.

You can enjoy alone time in the afternoon and at night. With the transformable bed and bookcase, you will have a larger space in your home, and at the same time, your study will have more diversified functions, making your Life becomes diverse.

Now if we are going to customize the bookcase deformation bed, we must also understand some of the key points, and I will introduce them to you today!

First: materials.

Although the customized bookcase deformation bed is now a symbol of high-end. But some merchants may offer more expensive products, but the materials they use are not particularly good.

Second, hardware.

Although there are relatively few hardware components involved in furniture. But ‍‍hardware does play a very critical role. If the quality of the hardware itself is not high, this will also affect its later use.

Third: Pay attention to its style.

When we customize the bookcase transformer bed, we also hope that we can customize better furniture. The style will look more beautiful and give people a high-end and classy feeling, so the choice of style must also be special. Pay attention to these situations, and for everyone, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer first, make sure it is trustworthy, and then find it to customize the bookcase deformation bed. These are also some suggestions for everyone. It is recommended that you understand these contents in advance, otherwise After ordering many things, it was too late and there was no way to solve them.

Before customizing, understand the market price and make your own purchase budget. Before we make a custom order, we must first understand the market conditions, such as the prices of particle board, density board and other materials, to prevent manufacturers from asking for excessive prices. At the same time, you should make your own purchase budget. Don’t budget 50,000 yuan to order a custom-made product of 100,000 yuan.


Transformable bed with desk-02


Transformable bed with desk-03


Transformable bed with desk-04

The product.

Others asked: Do I need to sign a contract? When customizing a deformable bed, you must sign a relevant contract. This is a better guarantee for you. If any problems arise, you can protect your own interests by bringing out the contract. Therefore, the editor also highly recommends that everyone pay attention to it. these situations.









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