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Home space is not large. If you place beds, sofas, display cabinets and other furniture in a small space, the whole house may become extremely crowded, and there may not even be room for movement. The sofa bed can be said to be an invention to deal with this situation. It takes advantage of its foldable feature and can be unfolded into a bed at night and folded up into a sofa when not sleeping. It saves space and can accommodate different functions. need.

Why choose a folding sofa bed?

[The sofa seat of the traditional sofa bed becomes flat and becomes difficult to sleep on]

The traditional sofa bed flattens the backrest of the sofa to form a flat surface for sleeping. Its disadvantage is that after the sofa is used for a long time, the seat part may become flattened and the support capacity is insufficient, making it uncomfortable to lie down. The folding sofa bed completely separates the sofa seat from the bed board. Users can buy a suitable mattress and place it on the folding sofa bed. They don’t have to worry about the sofa seat being flat and unsuitable for sleeping.

[Folding sofa bed breaks through the length and width limitations of the sofa itself]

The length of the folding sofa bed is often limited to the length and width of the sofa, and usually it can only be pulled out to the size of a single bed (unless you have a king size sofa), but the folding sofa bed can make full use of the height and width of the wall panel. The width is more than enough to transform into a double bed, breaking through the limitations of traditional sofa beds.

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[Traditional sofa beds have no armrests, which affects the comfort of the sofa]

Some traditional sofa beds have to take into account the functions of sofa and bed, so they will abandon the design of armrests, or use thinner and lower armrests, but this will affect the comfort of using the sofa. The transformable sofa bed uses an independent bed design, so the armrest design only needs to meet the comfort level when sitting on the sofa, and does not need to accommodate sleeping considerations. The design is more flexible, and the sofa bed can have large armrests.


Some traditional sofa beds have to take into account the functions of sofa and bed, so they will abandon the design of armrests, or use thinner and lower armrests, but this will affect the comfort of using the sofa.

[Folding sofa bed can have a headboard]

Some people feel that there is no headboard when sleeping, as if they have no support and no sense of security. They are prone to stress and suspicion, which affects the quality of sleep. From a Feng Shui perspective, the more people are sidelined, the more backers the owner will have, which is good for career and wealth. No matter what your idea is, the wall panel of the folding sofa bed can become the headboard, which is superior to the traditional sofa bed.

How does the folding sofa bed transform?

The shelf above this folding sofa bed plays an important role in the deformation process. The deformation process is very simple: just use both hands to tilt the shelf and pull it down, and the fixed slats will be pulled out. Continue to pull down, and an independent The comfortable big bed will be pulled out, and finally the big bed will be balanced with the ground, and the storage rack will become the support board of the big bed, and can also continue to be used as a storage rack without knocking things off the shelf at all. The clever design is very suitable for use in small units, and the living room can be turned into a guest room at any time.


Folding sofa bed

Storage space for transformable sofa bed

In addition to the two functions of sofa and bed, the folding sofa bed can actually be designed with different storage spaces, such as drawers under the sofa and shelves on the wall, which can be used to store some small furnishings and decorations, even when they need to be “transformed”. Take out your things and pull it down directly to the bed, which is very convenient.

In our case, two square grids are hollowed out on both sides of the wall panel, which can function as bedside tables.


Folding sofa bed

If you also want to customize a folding sofa bed, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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