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Many units have window sills, especially if the bedrooms are small. If you don’t make good use of the window sill space, you won’t even be able to fit a desk or dressing table in the bedroom! Wardle window sill desk storage cabinet helps you make good use of the window sill space and turn the window sill into your exclusive desk and dressing table, making it easy to work and put on makeup!


Turning a window sill into a desk is the most worrying thing. With the desktop slide board, there will be no push. Pulling out the slide board instantly creates a wide working surface. Putting the computer screen on the window sill cabinet will not affect the opening and closing of the slide board. ,Very convenient.


Wardle window sill desk storage cabinets have multiple styles to choose from. You can freely assemble the window sill cabinet combination that best suits you, such as the flip-up style with mirror + storage compartment, cabinet style, slat + cabinet style, and cover plate. Cabinet payment.


The entire window sill cabinet is made of E1 grade fine-core solid wood plywood, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, strong and has good load-bearing capacity. When used next to the window sill, it will not be affected by the temperature difference between day and night and cause deformation. It is safe and durable. At the same time, the low-formaldehyde board is tasteless and odorless, so it can be used in bedrooms and studies with confidence.


Wardle window sill cabinets help you perfectly divide storage space and store in different areas to easily meet your storage needs. Everything from girls’ accessories and cosmetics to boys’ electronic products and audio-visual equipment can be put away for easy access while keeping the room tidy.


The spacious office desktop can not only store computers, laptops, and stationery, but also has a lot of space to store documents and do homework. It is top-notch for studying and working, and takes care of your daily needs.


It uses high-quality metal silent rails for smooth pulling. The 2.5mm thickened outer wall of the rails has strong load-bearing capacity. It also has a buffering and slow-closing effect, making it safer to use without pinching your hands.


Equipped with a flip-up mirrored storage compartment, you can easily lift it up every day to dress up and take care of your skin. The nine-square grid allows you to store things at a glance without being knocked around, making it convenient and easy to use. The window sill cabinet is equipped with a high-definition vanity mirror, not a low-quality adhesive mirror, and it is definitely worth the money.


The bottom of the window sill cabinet completely fits the window sill surface, is dust-proof and moisture-proof, stable and difficult to shift. Different accessories can be combined by simply tightening screws, and is suitable for large and small window sills.

標準四色選擇: D8210布魯灰石、D2332米蘭橡木、D8103科多爾、D8208維多利亞。

Standard four color options: D8210 Blue Gray Stone, D2332 Milanese Oak, D8103 Codor, D8208 Victoria.

寬240 x 深60 x 高25 cm, 大趟板+5櫃桶款

Width 240 x Depth 60 x Height 25 cm, large panel + 5 cabinets and buckets

寬180 x 深60 x 高25 cm, 2櫃桶+揭板櫃款

Width 180 x Depth 60 x Height 25 cm, 2 cabinets + open cabinet style

寬180 x 深60 x 高25 cm, 大趟板+上翻式有鏡儲物格款

Width 180 x Depth 60 x Height 25 cm, large sliding panel + flip-up mirrored storage compartment

寬180 x 深60 x 高25 cm, 趟板+2櫃桶+揭板櫃款

Width 180 x Depth 60 x Height 25 cm, sliding panel + 2 cabinet buckets + open panel cabinet style





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