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Have you ever thought that a wardrobe can become a decoration in your bedroom? Just a glass sliding door wardrobe can add a modern feel to the bedroom.

The glass sliding door with aluminum frame is more stable when sliding, while the wardrobe door is made of tempered glass, which is explosion-proof and shatter-proof, safe and durable.

According to the clothing storage habits of most mainlanders, the wardrobe is divided into a commonly used hanging area and a small shelf area, while less commonly used items can be stored in the large shelf area above.

Worried that your storage skills are not good enough and your glass wardrobe will look messy? As long as you buy a few storage baskets of the same style and put them in the wardrobe, you can store all small items such as accessories, underwear, clothing accessories, etc., and make the wardrobe look more refined and tidy.

The wardrobe is made of high-quality aluminum alloy clothes hangers, which have good load-bearing capacity. Even if you hang coats, long skirts, and suits, the clothes hangers will not be deformed.

Worried that clear glass will feel “naked” if it is too transparent? The semi-hidden and semi-transparent effect of the brown glass door can solve your worries. After being filtered by the brown glass, the things inside the cabinet become less obvious, while maintaining the unique sense of generosity and simplicity of glass.

Brown glass can be integrated into both modern and industrial designs, and can match both boys and girls’ rooms!

The warm white cabinet is very generous and elegant. It is another popular furniture color besides wood grain color.

Clear glass allows you to see everything in the wardrobe at a glance. If you have a lot of beautiful shirts, handbags and collectibles, a glass sliding door wardrobe is indispensable.

The ready-made wardrobes are currently only available in white, and can be equipped with clear glass or brown glass (the delivery period for the brown glass model is about 7-10 days, while the delivery period for the clear glass model is about 14-20 days. You can choose according to your preference and delivery period. ), if you want other colors, you have to choose a customized style. Our store has more than 300 color plates to choose from. It’s easy to customize an ideal wardrobe~

The off-the-shelf model uses 15mm thick E1 solid wood thin-core plywood, while the custom-made style just uses 18mm thick E1 solid wood thin-core plywood, which is moisture-proof and scratch-proof. It is especially suitable for use in the mainland environment and will not be deformed by moisture for 10 years.

The wardrobe with huge storage capacity is available in 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2 meter lengths, making it easy to use up the length of the room.

Ready-made 1 meter glass sliding door wardrobe details and dimensions

Ready-made 1.2m glass sliding door wardrobe details and dimensions





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