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    收貨後需與客服聯繫另行預約師傅上門安裝的時間 (注意送貨及安裝並不能安排同日進行)

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Supplementary Info

VitoW 北歐風8人伸縮餐枱收起身只有50cm ,十分慳位。

The VitoW Nordic-style telescopic dining table for 8 people can be retracted only 50cm, which is very space-saving.

The tabletop board can be perfectly stored at the bottom of the dining table without taking up other space.

The design of this dining table is more considerate than one of the Italian dining tables on the market. The outside corners of the table are protected by rounded corners to prevent children from bumping into each other.

Each board is 25mm thick, and the structure is very solid.

Our rail guides are made of high-end stainless steel, which not only has good strength but is also corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant.

The length of the telescopic table can be changed freely. When a table panel is inserted in the middle, it can easily become a telescopic dining table for 2 people.

There are quick-connect buckles on the bottom of the tabletop board, which can allow the tabletop board to be connected to objects, making it easy to move the telescopic table to another place in the house.


There are additional supporting feet in the middle of the rail guide for better load-bearing capacity.


The retractable dining table has pulleys at the bottom of the table legs, making it easier to open and close without scratching the floor.

Up to 3 desktop boards can be placed. Sitting comfortably for 2 people

Although it’s a little tight for three people to sit, they can still fit in. This retractable table store has a demo, you are welcome to visit the store and experience it.

White slate (matte) tabletop, the effect is comfortable and natural.





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