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MortonXS迷你電動升降枱正式上架啦~~ 有很多客人都想買800-900mm寬的迷你版電動升降枱,好傢俬終於為大家物色到適合的升降腳了,MortonXS電動升降枱寬度由720mm至1200mm都可以訂造,為小家庭和納米單位提供一個新選擇!

MortonXS mini electric lift table is officially on the shelves~~ Many customers want to buy a mini version of the electric lift table with a width of 800-900mm. Hao Furniture has finally found suitable lifting legs for everyone. The width of the MortonXS electric lift table ranges from 720mm to 1200mm. All can be customized, providing a new choice for small families and nano units!


Don’t underestimate the MortonXS mini lifting table. Its lifting height ranges from 700mm to 1150mm. It is suitable for both adults and children. It is definitely the best desk choice that can accompany children’s growth!


The single-motor design makes lifting and lowering quiet and noiseless, and operation at night will not affect your family’s rest at all. The control panel interface is simple and clear, and the whole family can understand it at once. It also has a height memory function to suit the working mode of alternating standing and sitting.


The motor and control panel come with 3 months of free hardware maintenance.


MortonXS Mini Electric Lift Table Customized Sizes

產品實物照: D8210布魯灰石配黑腳

Actual product photo: D8210 Bru gray stone with black feet

產品實物照: D8103科多爾配黑腳

Actual product photo: D8103 Kodor with black feet

產品實物照: D2332米蘭橡木配白腳

Actual product photo: D2332 Milan oak with white feet





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