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Want to combine a sofa + work chair into one? Matt rechargeable electric executive chair is your best choice! The elevated chair back, paired with very substantial cushions, fully covers your lower back, ensuring that you will be so comfortable that you won’t want to get up!
Matt’s rechargeable electric executive chair can be plugged in and charged. After charging, you can unplug the cord and move it to other places for use. It is more convenient than electric sofas and massage chairs. Take it home now~
The surface of the executive chair is made of artificial leather, which is easy to clean, not easy to get wet, and soft against the skin. It is equally comfortable whether you are sitting at work, lying down for a nap, or curled up while playing computer games. The artificial leather surface is available in a variety of colors, which can be customized according to personal preference and home style.
The high-quality metal chair legs are made of high-grade materials at first glance. They have excellent load-bearing capacity. The universal pulleys are smooth and easy to push. They do not scratch the feet or the floor. Even if you need to push the executive chair from the living room to the study, and then from the study to the next It is easy to use in the bedroom.
The control lever on the right armrest of the executive chair can be opened to fine-tune the height of the chair to suit different postures.
The control button on the left armrest of the executive chair has a stylish and elegant silver design. It can adjust the angle of the chair, whether sitting, spreading or lying down. There is also a USB fork for charging the mobile phone. It is simply “the mobile phone never leaves your hand” Good news for urbanites!
Life is busy, who doesn’t want to lie down and have a good rest after going home? Matt’s rechargeable executive chair is definitely a lazy sofa worth buying for everyone. Not only can the chair be adjusted to the angle to lie down, but the footrests can also be raised underneath to support your feet and maintain the most comfortable lying posture. .
Don’t have enough budget to buy a 3-seater leather electric sofa? Don’t have enough space at home for a large sofa? You must not miss the opportunity to buy the Matt rechargeable electric executive chair. The Matt rechargeable electric executive chair definitely has the comfort and enveloping feeling of a massage chair. It will not swing from side to side, but it can be easily pushed to different corners of the home for use.
Matt’s rechargeable electric executive chair is light and not bulky when viewed from the front, rear, and left. It is equally great for office use as it is for home use!
Matt rechargeable electric executive chair size
You can choose the seat leather color at the store
You can choose the seat leather color at the store





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