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The living and dining room in the house are 2 into 1. It is not impossible to place coffee table and dining table in one space! As long as you have a Marvin multifunctional coffee table in your house, you can lower it to use as a coffee table when sitting on the sofa Chill and play with your mobile phone, and immediately raise it to use as a dining table when you are ready to eat. One thing with multiple functions is most suitable for use in mainland houses!


In addition to being used as a coffee table and a dining table, the height of the Marvin multi-functional coffee table can be fixed arbitrarily. When children are doing homework, they can be lowered a little, and when parents want to work, they can be raised a little. The height of the table can be adjusted freely from 30 to 76cm, which is flexible and flexible!


Some customers have a sofa with four high legs on the ground, and the height of the lift coffee table is only 30cm when the height is the lowest. If there is enough space at the bottom of the sofa, the whole coffee table can be stored away!


The table legs are made of high-quality carbon steel, the table top is high-density fiberboard, and the coffee table can bear up to 100 pounds, which is very durable.


The coffee table can not only be raised and lowered, but also can be stretched, and the extended countertop is stored in the coffee table, isn’t it an unexpected space saving? When the desktop needs to be extended, just pull the desktop apart and you will see the three stored desktop boards.


Marvin lift coffee table can also be extended, from the shortest 120cm to 220.5cm, no problem for how many people have a meal.


There are 3 independent extended desktop boards, each 33.5cm long, and 1/2/3 desktop boards can be placed according to different needs.


After putting 3 desktop boards, the length of the lifting coffee table can reach 220.5cm, transforming into an extended dining table mode, it is no problem for 10 people to eat together! In addition, even if the desktop is extended, the height can still be adjusted at will, which is convenient and easy to use.


The rock gray tabletop is modern and stylish, and the gentle stone pattern and textured materials instantly enhance the home atmosphere.


There are safety locks on both sides of the lifting coffee table, and the desktop cannot be opened after the buckle is closed, which can prevent children from accidentally opening the table and causing danger when using it.


The telescopic track adopts stainless steel ball track, which is smoother and quieter when it is opened, and has a good load-bearing capacity.

升降脚使用油压升降,稳定度高,只需要一只手将控制手柄拉向左边,另一只手在桌面施力向下压/ 另一只手在桌底向上抬,即可控制桌面升降。

The lifting feet use oil pressure to lift, and the stability is high. You only need to pull the control handle to the left with one hand, and press down on the table with the other hand/lift up on the bottom of the table with the other hand to control the table top. .


White paint (high-gloss surface) countertop + white feet


Log color countertop + black feet


Size of Marvin multifunctional coffee table





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