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Practicality of furniture is the first condition, but in addition to practicality, our customized furniture also pursues whether the furniture is exquisite or not! For example, the unique door panel design, whether the color matching closing position is perfect, whether the attic lighting is good, etc., let’s take a look at how our designers create an exquisite attic.

1. 3D drawing clearly illustrates the loft design

When we discuss the loft design with our customers, we will explain it to them with 3D diagrams, which are very visual and easy to understand. We can also present the appearance and internal partitions of the loft in front of our customers, which is a big step forward towards the birth of a refined loft!

2. Glass fence retains the most beautiful sea view

If you spend a lot of money to buy a property and buy a unit with a sea view, of course you must maximize the value of the sea view. The glass fence of the attic retains the most beautiful sea view for the rest space on the upper floor. With good lighting and beautiful scenery, the pressure of paying for the floor will disappear instantly. This is the good life.

3. The stylist carefully creates the perfect cinch.

The advantage of custom-made furniture is that the size is just right, and it will be sealed with glue after installation. There will not be “holes and holes” everywhere, which can harbor dirt and evil and become a breeding ground for small insects. Every time after our installation masters assemble the furniture, they will carefully help the customer seal it with glue (unless the customer specifies that no sealing is required), which looks good and is easy to use, helping you to easily keep your home tidy.

Whether it’s a loft stair cabinet or a bed headboard, whether it’s straight or has corners, it’s no problem for the master to close it!

4. Make good use of European-style door panels to add a sense of romance

The lower part of the attic is composed of a stair cabinet, a wardrobe and a desk. Among the three, the wardrobe occupies the most visual space. Therefore, European-style door panels can be used for the wardrobe doors to add a sense of romance to the space. The original square feel of the attic instantly becomes Soft and graceful, it perfectly matches the gentle temperament of the hostess.

If you need a customized loft, please refer to our cases for more design inspiration, or contact us directly.





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