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Have you ever imagined that the wardrobe can actually be used for writing? How can it be done? In fact, there is an emerging fireproof plastic board on which chalk writing can be written, just like a traditional blackboard. This blackboard also has magnetic capabilities, making it easy to attach Japanese and French notes using magnets. In addition to the blackboard, of course there is also a whiteboard, which can be written on with a water-based pen.

The perfect way to combine a whiteboard or blackboard with a wardrobe is to use the wardrobe as a wall cabinet. The front of the cabinet is a normal wardrobe, and the back is affixed with a blackboard that can be written on. Of course, this kind of blackboard is not cheap, so if the entire back is covered with blackboard, the cost will be very high. In fact, it is more difficult to write in the higher positions, so there is no need to put a blackboard in the higher positions. The standard size of a piece of plastic board purchased is 4X8 feet. If you want to use up the material, just stick the blackboard to the lower middle of the back panel of the wardrobe.

In addition to using fireproof plastic board as a blackboard, another method is to buy blackboard or whiteboard stickers on Taobao and stick them on the back of the wardrobe. The price will certainly be cheaper, but these stickers will easily fall off after a long time. And if it’s not posted well, it will easily form bubbles, making it uncomfortable to write on. If you want to solve the problem once and for all, using fireproof plastic board as a blackboard may be the best way.

Another way to make a blackboard is to hang a blackboard directly behind the wardrobe, but the problem is that the blackboard will protrude and cannot be integrated with the wardrobe, so there are still some flaws in the design.

Custom furniture offers another flexibility in chalkboard designs


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