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There is a recessed space at the entrance. If you want to make use of this fragmented space with a “light decoration” method, you can customize a cabinet~

The height of the room cabinet is the same as the height of the door

The cabinets are designed to have no ceiling, allowing for ventilation and light transmission, but how high should the cabinets be? One of our suggestions is to have the same height as the door or gate. A consistent height will make the vision more concise and will not have a cluttered feeling. Moreover, the height of the room cabinet is similar to the door, and it is also more suitable for use at a height within reach. The height makes it easy to place things without having to stand on a ladder or chair every time.

The shoe-changing bench pays equal attention to practicality and sense of space

There is a special space reserved for a shoe-changing bench near the door of the cabinet, so that you can sit down and put on your shoes comfortably when going out and returning home. At the same time, the shoe-changing bench adds a hollow part to the cabinet. You won’t see a high cabinet as soon as you enter the house. Instead, you will see a shoe-changing stool first, and then look at the cabinets in each room, which will give you a visual sense of space!

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Sliding door switch saves space

The space of a room is usually not too large, and every inch of space is naturally very precious, so sliding the door is more suitable than closing the door.

Bisecting cabinet doors are neat and look good

Customized room cabinets, storage cabinets or wardrobes, all partitions can be customized according to the guest’s preferences and needs, but unless there are specific storage and display needs, such as wine storage or glass cabinets, the inner shelves and partitions It can also be adjusted to different sizes to match different items. Generally speaking, it is recommended that customers’ cabinet doors should not have too many different sizes. Bisecting cabinet doors is a neater and better-looking design.

If you would like to order a room cabinet, please contact us.

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