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Many people encounter a problem when customizing wall cabinets – the split air conditioner destroys the continuity of the wall cabinet. However, Taiwan is too hot to live without air conditioners, so they are confused about whether to buy an air conditioner. And give up the perfection of the entire space style.

The advantage of customized system cabinets is, of course, to meet the different needs of customers as much as possible. Therefore, when it comes to the aesthetics of air conditioners, we provide customers with one more option, which is to hide the air conditioners in wall cabinets, allowing customers to both You can have a beautiful and consistent indoor space and enjoy the function of an air conditioner, killing two birds with one stone.

Use the same board to integrate with other system cabinets

The air conditioner cabinet uses the same board as other system cabinets and wall cabinets. The integrated design can perfectly hide the air conditioner. Not only is the structure more invisible, but the appearance is also more beautiful and unified. At the same time, it can modify those unsightly parts of the air conditioner pipeline.


Hide the air conditioner in the wall cabinet


Hide the air conditioner in the wall cabinet

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Horizontal strip design allows air-conditioning to be discharged directly

We can open an air-conditioning outlet for guests on the wall cabinet door. The horizontal bar design allows the air-conditioning to flow out directly, and the appearance is also very stylish.

The cabinet door is equipped with an independent dust filter for double protection

A metal buckle is installed on the inside of the air outlet of the cabinet door, allowing guests to fasten an independent mesh. It can multiple-block dust that cannot be captured by the dust mesh of the air conditioner. It can also protect the air conditioner that has been idle for a long time in winter from dust accumulation. Guests can remove the dust filter for cleaning, which is convenient and easy to take care of.

把冷氣機藏在吊櫃裡, 櫃門設有獨立隔塵網, 雙重保護

Hide the air conditioner in the wall, and the cabinet door is equipped with an independent dust filter for double protection

E1 solid wood plywood has good moisture-proof effect

The cold air just blown out from the air conditioner is much lower than the room temperature. Wall cabinets and shelves that are exposed to cold air for a long time are prone to moisture due to dripping water. The E1 solid wood plywood we selected for customized furniture has high moisture resistance and will not shrink or expand due to cold. It has little impact, so it is not susceptible to moisture or deformation when used as an air-conditioning cabinet.

Flip-up air-supported cabinet door for easy opening

The wall cabinet door of the air-conditioning cabinet adopts a flip-up air-supported cabinet door design. First of all, it is easy to open. It is easier to check the air conditioner or remove the dust filter for cleaning. Moreover, opening the cabinet door when the air conditioner is turned on is not like a swing door. Or the flip-down cabinet door will block the flow of cold air.

If you also want to customize air-conditioning cabinets or wall cabinets, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesmen at any time.

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