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Customized kitchen cabinets can of course come in different colors. There are people who choose both light and dark colors. The reason for choosing light colors is that they hope to be able to detect and clean them immediately if they are dirty. For those who like to clean, light colors must be the mainstream. The advantage of dark colors is that even if they are dirty, it is not easy to detect, which saves you the trouble of cleaning. Using light and dark colors really depends on the person.


The upper cabinets of this set of kitchen cabinets are white because the upper cabinets are less likely to become dirty than the lower cabinets. Using white can certainly increase the sense of space. This unit has a relatively large space, so we can make a long electric flip-up door. Once opened, you can see all the things stored inside. The advantage of electric is that it is easy to switch on and off. Of course, the price will be quite expensive, and maintenance in the future will take a little more effort.


It is common practice to add lights under the wall cabinet, but it is best to pull out the wires during decoration and connect the switch of the light under the wall cabinet to the kitchen light to avoid the trouble of having to make a switch later.


As for the base cabinets, we made three large cabinets and used the famous Blum brand for hardware. We mainly wanted to increase the supporting capacity of the cabinets. Even if we put a large number of dishes, we don’t have to worry about the cabinets deforming or being opened and closed for a long time. Rail guides are worn. Blum rail guide + blum electric hinge + blum door hinge, the total may be more expensive than the cost of kitchen cabinets. Therefore, you must plan your budget before customizing.


A rail-guided socket is installed in the middle of the kitchen cabinet, mainly to facilitate moving the socket position at any time and changing the number of sockets according to the increase or decrease in the number of kitchen appliances. Nowadays, the price of rail-guided sockets is not expensive. A rail-guided socket like the one in the picture only costs more than 1,000. 2-3 plugs will also be given. It is roughly equivalent to the price of two new sockets. So if you are a fan of kitchen appliances, you can consider the emerging technology of rail-guided sockets when ordering kitchen cabinets.

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