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This is an open kitchen design. This open kitchen is located at the end of the entrance corridor, so it has a corner design. We made a large arc at this corner to prevent children from hitting this right angle. At the same time, the curved design can visually connect the corridor space and the space in front of the open kitchen, greatly increasing the sense of space. This corner base cabinet also uses Deli fireproof rubber board. Although Deli fireproof rubber board contains more formaldehyde than ordinary ecological boards, its fireproof performance is better than ecological boards. So generally we use Deli boards to make kitchen cabinets. Another advantage of using rubber sheets is that they have better waterproof performance and the surface is easier to clean.


For the desktop, we made a marble-patterned countertop stone. This countertop stone is artificial stone, not real marble. You may not know that if you use real marble as a kitchen countertop, it is actually more likely to crack when exposed to heat. At the same time, marble is also easier to eat. Therefore, real marble is rarely used as kitchen countertop stone. Quartz stone or artificial stone is usually used for kitchen countertops. The countertop stone we used this time is exactly artificial stone, so it looks brighter in color and has very clear textures. At the same time, the thickness can also be made thinner, which greatly increases the streamlined feel of the entire countertop.


Although we did not take pictures of the inside of this corner base cabinet this time, it can actually be used for storage. Even the curved part can be opened for storage inside. There are multiple movable shelves on the entrance surface, and the height can be adjusted up and down.

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