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Customized kitchen cabinets can be divided into two processes according to the manufacturing method of countertop stone.


Before customizing the kitchen cabinets, there are actually some basic things that need to be prepared in terms of cement and concrete. For example, if your kitchen cabinet is going to be placed on a concrete platform, you need to ask a plasterer to make a cement platform with a height of 80-100 in advance. , this cement platform can also be used to access water pipes and kitchen floor drains. Of course, the advantage of a cement table is that it has good waterproof performance. For owners who often wash the kitchen floor, or whose kitchen is subject to flooding, a cement table is definitely the best choice. But if you don’t need to build a cement table, you can actually choose not to do it. This will provide extra flexibility if you need to change the layout of the kitchen in the future. On the other hand, the place where mud and water are needed is the tile surface. Some customers like to add special tiles behind the cooking stove. In this case, the plasterer needs to know the height of the kitchen floor cabinets and wall cabinets and lay the tile surface in advance. After the muddy water is done, of course, the potential must be reserved.


When everything is ready, you can make kitchen cabinets. As mentioned before, the process of customizing kitchen cabinets can be divided into two according to the manufacturing method of countertop stone. If you want the countertop stone to be made in Hong Kong, such as Samsung or Corian stone, and you want it to be maintained by the Hong Kong original factory, then the kitchen cabinets should be pre-installed, preferably flat, and then the stone will be made according to the measurements of the stone paving factory. The pictures of the kitchen cabinets we are showing you now are exactly in the state of waiting for the Hong Kong stone factory to come and measure them.


Another process is that the countertop stones are made in China and installed at the same time as the kitchen cabinets are installed. The difference between the former and the latter process is mainly in time. The former requires making the kitchen cabinets and then stonework, which usually takes a week. However, because the kitchen cabinets are installed first and then the stonework is done, the stone surface will fit the on-site dimensions better. If you are looking for quality but are not in a hurry, you can consider it. If you want to know more about the process and price of custom-made kitchen cabinets, you are welcome to contact our company’s masters.





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