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Do you know the difference between the two commonly used table stones for kitchen cabinets?

There are two mainstream countertop stones for kitchen cabinets, one is artificial stone (also known as engineered stone) and the other is quartz stone. So do you know what’s the difference between them? Let’s compare the main differences between these two types of table stones.


In terms of aesthetics, engineered stone has better aesthetics. Because engineered stone is a synthetic stone, it can create different textures and color changes. Quartz stone is a relatively natural stone with relatively uniform styles and textures, generally dominated by flashing spots. In addition to texture and style, the joint between the corners and the front and rear water blocks is also an important part that affects the aesthetics. Engineered stone can be simply polished so that all joints are invisible to the naked eye. However, quartz stone generally cannot be polished. All joints can be easily seen. Take our case above as an example, quartz stone is used. You can clearly see the front and rear water-blocking interfaces of the tabletop stone. There are actually interfaces at the corners, but we just didn’t take pictures. If you attach great importance to aesthetics, we recommend you choose engineered stone. The main brands of engineered stone are Brilliant, Corian and Samsung stone.


In terms of hardness, quartz stone is better because quartz stone is a natural stone and there are no other synthetic materials. It has the highest hardness and can be used to chop chicken and vegetables without any problem. However, precisely because of the high hardness of quartz stone, special shapes such as arc positions and stone-shaped stones cannot be achieved. Quartz stone with high hardness naturally has less chance of cracking or chipping. Extremely durable.

Food and color

Artificial stone is very easy to absorb color. If you accidentally put tea bags or soy sauce on the artificial stone table, it will absorb color. Once color absorption occurs, it is generally difficult to repair through polishing. Sanding can only repair surface scratches at most. When the color sinks to the bottom, there is no way to save it.

All-in-one disk

Only artificial stone tabletops can be connected to integrated artificial stone basins. Quartz stone can only be chosen between quartz stone basin and zinc basin.


Generally speaking, quartz stone is cheaper than artificial stone. The reason is that the quartz stones do not need to be polished by a specialized master after being joined. They only need to be simply bonded with glue. On the contrary, artificial stone kitchen cabinet tabletop stone requires a specialized polishing master, which usually takes 2 hours or more.


Our company specializes in customizing different kitchen cabinets. If you also have needs for customized kitchen cabinets, please feel free to contact our sales staff.

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