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Do you cook at home every day? Or do you prefer the convenience of using a microwave oven or an air fryer to solve all three meals? Do you have the habit of making some small desserts at home? Or are you taking care of children so you have to prepare a lot of ingredients in the kitchen? No matter what kind of eating habits you have, the kitchen is where food is prepared at home, so keeping it clean is an important task for every household! In addition to frequent cleaning, there are actually many tips on kitchen cabinet design that can help you easily keep your kitchen cabinets clean. Read on to learn from the editor!

1. High-gloss white surface is super easy to care for

Many customers worry that white kitchen cabinets are difficult to maintain because they look dirty. But showing dirt is not necessarily a disadvantage. If you can see where it is dirty, you will be more motivated to clean it properly, so you can naturally keep your kitchen cabinets clean. This time, the customer chose high-gloss white kitchen cabinets. The surface is very smooth, easy to care for, and has excellent reflective effect, making the kitchen even brighter and more comfortable.

2. Wall cabinets with consistent heights

People who are used to doing housework must know that a flat surface is the easiest to clean. The more corners there are, the more troublesome it is to clean. Therefore, when ordering kitchen cabinets, you can pay attention to the height and size of the wall cabinets. You can choose ceiling cabinets with the same height. Depending on the cabinet design, the height of the wall cabinets may need to be adjusted for the position of the stove and hood. However, it is recommended that all wall cabinets in other positions be of the same height and depth to reduce the appearance of corners and make cleaning more convenient.

3. Abandon cabinet door handles and use hidden pulls instead

Extending the flat space as much as possible is a tip to keep the kitchen clean. This tip also applies to the way the cabinet doors are opened. Choosing concealed drawers instead of handles will make cleaning more convenient.

4. Keep the kitchen cool

The kitchen is small, so it is inevitable that other considerations, such as lighting and ventilation, will be given up for storage. Some customers have shared with us that they have wiped the kitchen every day, but there is still a musty smell, so we often tell our customers that if there is a window in the kitchen, it is best not to cover the window with cabinets to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the kitchen. This will prevent the kitchen from having a musty smell for a long time. Therefore, when you customize kitchen cabinets, you must keep the position of the kitchen window and do not cover the window with cabinets for storage.

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