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The kitchen design modern mothers need most!

In the old days, the house must have a kitchen that was grandma’s “territory”. Nowadays, when buying a house in the market, with a limited budget, you are already happy to have an L-shaped open kitchen. Some guests in small flats even have to endure the pain in order to increase the sense of space in the house. Remove the small kitchen space and turn the kitchen space into a living room space, becoming a “housewife without food”. It’s okay for one person or two to buy takeout or eat out every day, but after giving birth to a child, many “housewives without food” become “housewives with a job” and cook three nutritious and healthy meals themselves. Meals for children. Good Furniture has helped modern mothers design a glass kitchen that is very suitable for them. It has 6 major advantages. It not only functions as a kitchen but also meets the needs of mothers to take care of their children. It is especially suitable for small units.

Advantages of glass kitchen 1: Glass design allows children to be observed at any time

The key point of the design of the glass kitchen is that all the positions above the floor cabinets are made of glass. The mother can cook in the kitchen while observing the children playing in the living room. She can immediately detect what happens to the children. In addition, when the children are in the living room, they can see their mother in the kitchen through the glass, which will also make the children feel more at ease and will not run to the kitchen to look for her because they cannot see her.

Advantage 2 of glass kitchen: variable open and changeable kitchen

The glass kitchen is designed as a sliding door. If there are glass sliding doors on both sides, it will immediately become an open kitchen after being opened. It can be used to prepare light meals such as salads or when the kitchen is not used frequently. If you suddenly want to cook Chinese food or fry steak or other meals with relatively large fumes, you can close the glass door to prevent the fumes from spreading to the living room and solve the problem of an open kitchen.

Advantage 3 of glass kitchen: Unblocked indoor light

The glass design will make the visual space of the kitchen and living room larger and more spacious. If the kitchen has a window, it can bring light into the living room; if the kitchen has no window, it can bring the sunlight from the living room into the kitchen. The indoor light will not be blocked, and the overall look will be more open. Jan, this is what makes a glass kitchen so special.

Advantage 4 of glass kitchen: It is both a kitchen cabinet and an island

The stem kitchen is suitable for cooking, but occasionally you want to have a bar counter or island to enjoy continental brunch. The glass kitchen can satisfy both of your wishes. Just open the glass sliding door in front of the base cabinet, and the kitchen cabinet instantly turns into an island bar, making it easy to pass dishes around. Place a bar stool in the living room and you can enjoy your brunch right away.

Advantage 5 of glass kitchen: Create a variety of styles

Different colors of glass can be combined with wooden frames or aluminum frames to create completely different styles, which can match the wood grain color and black, white and gray. Therefore, many space styles are suitable for a glass kitchen.

Glass kitchen advantage 6: plenty of storage space

Worried that the storage space in the glass kitchen will be less than that in the stem kitchen? Of course not, we can also help customers customize cabinets and wall cabinets according to the kitchen layout to provide sufficient storage space. In addition, I would like to give you a tip: if you want to customize the glass kitchen to look better, you can consider hiding the gas meter, water meter, and range hood gas pipes in the kitchen cabinets, so that it will be more tidy when viewed from the living room.

If you would like to customize a glass kitchen or a complete set of kitchen cabinets, please contact us.





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