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After the kitchen has worn out, you will have some ideas for kitchen renovation. Maybe there are some places that have worn out and feel inconvenient and you want to redo them. Or maybe there are some places that you have not planned before, or maybe you want to change the placement or add some. Appliances of different sizes. Whatever the reason, renovating your kitchen is never going to be easy. It actually involves a lot of things that everyone needs to think carefully about.

Here, let me tell you what we need to do to renovate the kitchen cabinets for our customers this time. The reason why this customer renovated the kitchen cabinets was because the old kitchen cabinets were “too good”. The original kitchen cabinets completely sealed the sewer pipes upstairs, and the seals were tight, making it difficult to repair. Suddenly there was a water leakage problem, so I had to dismantle and redo the entire kitchen cabinet, and also changed some of the placement of the kitchen cabinets. The owner now wants to outsize the washing machine, sink and refrigerator. Unfortunately, the old kitchen cabinets were built on the concrete platform, so in order to relocate, part of the concrete platform had to be demolished. During the process, the water pipes in the concrete platform or the bricks and tiles next to the concrete platform should not be broken. This is no longer easy. At the same time, because there are elderly people at home and I want to switch to an induction cooker, I need to add an independent plug for power supply. To achieve these things, the old kitchen cabinets must be dismantled in advance. When dismantling, the old range hoods, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances need to be preserved, which requires the dispatch of a master electrician. The concrete platform should also be beaten carefully. After removing the kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to change the water level, repair the water pipes upstairs, and redo the electric potential. New kitchen cabinets can be installed last. After installing the new kitchen cabinets, building countertop stones, and reinstalling the old appliances, the electrician will appear again. Once everything is ready, we will have to redo the aluminum ceiling, connect the ceiling lights, etc. Renovating kitchen cabinets may seem like a simple task, but in fact it is not that simple. It involves masters from many fields and the coordination of different manpower.


If you also have the idea of ​​renovating kitchen cabinets and want to find guaranteed help from a company, you can actually contact our salesperson.





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