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The space at the top of the door is often unused. If you want to use the space at the top of the door, you might as well consider making a wall cabinet to turn the space at the top of the door into a storage space. If the floor of the house is high, you don’t have to worry about the feeling of oppression if you install a door-ceiling cabinet. It is also worth noting that the depth of wall cabinets generally does not exceed 600. If you need to make a deeper wall cabinet, you will need to add additional supports.


The position next to the door ceiling cabinet can be customized with other furniture, such as desks and wardrobes. The special thing about the desk in the picture is that it does not have a left side panel, so it feels a little lofty. To avoid having side panels, you often need to build a cabinet. The entire desk is fixed to the wall through the back panel of the cabinet. Of course, the load-bearing capacity of a floor-to-ceiling desk with side panels will be slightly lower, but the desk will never put anything too heavy.

If you want to make good use of the space on the top of the door, you can contact us and see if we can help you XD

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