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HK$2,300 / 每橫尺 (尺數多有優惠)
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Essie multifunctional wardrobe is 2.45 meters high and suitable for most homes.

The arc-shaped pit-shaped cabinet door will show different visual effects under the illumination of light, adding a sense of design to the simplicity.

There is a clothes hanging channel in the cabinet, so clothes can be hung neatly, making shirts and storage very simple!

The double-door storage compartment can hang a lot of clothes, including more than a dozen coats and long skirts! If you have a lot of jackets or shirts, you can also put a few storage boxes or baskets in the space below!

A modular wardrobe is indispensable with drawers to store underwear, pajamas, socks and other clothing. The Essie multi-functional modular wardrobe is equipped with a double-layer drawer and a single-layer large drawer, so that everything large and small can be stored in an orderly manner.

The multifunctional combined wardrobe has multiple long cabinets with closed doors, suitable for hanging shirts. There are also two open storage cabinets that can display beautiful handbags and accessories. There are also two drawers that can store socks and other small items. The top layer The door cabinet is perfect for storing sheets and down!





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