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Receiving is basically an important task of every family. Because the storage is well done, the home environment will be comfortable, and the impression of guests will add points when visiting. The god -level storage Dafa must be “invisible but used”, and complete the storage task without knowing the ghosts!

Smallpox hanging cabinet to create a god -level storage space

There are many storage spaces in the storage of lockers, C -shaped cabinets, TV cabinets, and double -sided cabinets. The god -level storage Dafa introduced to you this time is the ceiling cabinet of the corridor!

The corridor leads from the living room to each room, people come and go, the ground space is very “busy”, not suitable for building platforms, plus the space is very fine (everyone wants to be a bigger room and does not want to waste the space in the corridor), generally It is impossible to place family and lockers. Can’t occupy ground space, but don’t forget the space of smallpox, hidden smallpox hanging cabinet, you will not find it at all, you can get you unexpected storage space!

隱藏式設計的走廊天花吊櫃, 讓你得到意想不到的儲物空間
The hidden design corridor ceiling cabinet allows you to get unexpected storage space
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Invisible living door invisible storage

Compared with the ground, our attention to smallpox is much lower, especially the “transportation hub” of the corridor and porch, so it is most suitable to build a ceiling cabinet in these places. The degree of “high enough, not easy to be seen, so it is definitely a storage space that is” invisible but used “.

Can be stored and modified beams

The advantage of the smallpox hanging cabinet is of course to enhance the indoor storage space. In addition, if there is a beam in the house, creating a smallpox storage cabinet can also flatten the entire ceiling to modify the visual unevenness.

隱藏式設計走廊天花吊櫃, 既可儲物又可修飾橫樑
The hidden design corridor smallpox hanging cabinet can be stored and modified beams

The cabinet door has to pick up

The special feature of the smallpox hanging cabinet is that there are different cabinet doors. In addition to setting up an activity opening at the level of ceiling, you can also consider vertical setting at the top of the room, which is more convenient to pick up items. However, if you want to install the cabinet door of the ceiling cabinet at the top of the room, there must be no beams to block.

It is not easy to accumulate dust and easy to take care

Because the smallpox storage cabinet does not open it often, it is not easy to accumulate as it is, so there is no need to worry about cleaning or insect problems.

Hidden design corridor smallpox hanging cabinet

Beckles are lower than the floor and storage cabinet

However, the ceiling cabinet is a bit restricted, that is, its bearing capacity is lower than that of the floor and the storage cabinet, so it is best not to put too much and too heavy items on the ceiling cabinet.

Oppressive problem

As the floor is considered, if the inside of the house is not high enough, a small ceiling cabinet and a fake ceiling may make the indoor space compressed.

If you also want to customize the smallpox hanging cabinet, you are welcome to contact our furniture salesperson at any time.

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