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Have you noticed that there is a chair placed in front of the bed? This chair is actually called a “spring stool”. It is one of the furniture with a long history in China. It was one of the items often included in dowries in ancient times. It can both sit and You can sleep on it. I believe you have already guessed the actual meaning of placing it in the room.

Of course, with the development of the spring stool, it is no longer just a stool, but also has the purpose of storage. This time we made a modern version of a spring stool for a guest who lives in a mansion.

At a glance, the master bedroom of the mansion is really big. In addition to the 6-foot bed, there is room for a spring stool. I believe that for most families in Hong Kong, the bedroom can accommodate a 6-foot bed, which is pretty good. Don’t say that there is space for other furniture besides the wardrobe.

In addition, we also customized a headboard composed of characteristic lines specially for this luxury room type. From the floor to the ceiling, from left to right, this headboard completely covers the wall at the head of the bed in the master room, perfectly outlining the sense of space in the entire room.

If your master room is like this unit and has endless space, you might as well consider ordering a spring stool with me. We believe that after you customize it, you will have unexpected gains XD

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